Wednesday, June 08, 2016

7.83 hz by Sudhakar Kasturi- book review

Bloody brilliant.

Literally shivering with excitement while posting this review. Ecstasy apdingara vaarthaiyoda artham purianumna read this book - 7.83hz by Sudhakar kasturi.

'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and demons' padichapo it created a similar feeling but it was drowned in the sadness that such books are not in tamil. Sujathavoda sila novels would satiate the thirsty mind. Avar ponaprum, ivarukaprum yaar ipdilaam ezhuthuvangannu oru yaekkam plus thedal irunthukittay irunthuthu. When I chanced upon the review of his previous book '6174' I was very happy to have been introduced to an author who knew his subject and also was well versed in making a story of it. Aana antha bookoda content was way too heavy in physics which tested my tamil skills. I felt ashamed that many of the words mentioned in it were bouncers for me as they were too chaste. But still, the impression it created was indelible. As a comparison between the two, the author has taken lot of pains to correct few things that weren't helping the flow in the first book. For starters, the story goes almost linear from start to finish and even the incidents that comes in flashback mode are told in a start to finish mode. It doesn't allow the concentration to waver from the main plot and like water coalescing to a roaring finish.

What do Wolves have in common with Schumann resonance? how can a simple number like 7.83 play a role in almost pushing a nation into brink of self destruction? Why did the elephants and rats and fishes suddenly attacked each other into a bloody battle that turns fatal? Is it possible to read minds and translate them as messages on screen? Does our DNA decide our characterisitics? Is it possible to induce emotions through technology?How does a simple incident on a Turkish university snow balls into something sinister of epic proportions? The book answers it all.

First page into it, i was a bit shocked to see the chasteness of the language that stumped me in the previous book. Without even reading the chapter title i had plunged headlong into the narration only to later realize that it was a foreword from another famous author. Once the story begun, there was the usual 'cut' chapter, which was abound on 6174, derailing the reading process a bit. Even before i could say "oh not again", the narration turned out to be linear and not jumpy as feared. There were few sections that were italicized to differentiate the scenes happening on same page which was again a noted change from previous book. Kudos to the editor team. Oru rendu moonu edathula spelling mistake. Last but three pagela "aalu" nu vara edathula "gnaan" something has been printed. And in mid of the book, there is a sentence that ends abrupt and other one begins abruptly. Mathabadi, top class job.
Oray the scientists and army men and lady scientists and terroristsa vanthitrukangaly nu yosikarapo enters Vedhanayagam - the nellai slang speaking tamizh vignani. If this is ever made into a movie, this character's cameo would bring the house down. Attagasamana dialogues and all his conversations strike an immediate chord. It comes as a huge diversion and relief in an otherwise heavy duty scientific thriller. His reverence and reference to wolf as "Aadhi mirugam" and how he narrates his escapades with wolves ellam top class. Its because of this character that the last 50 odd pages literally races through to its conclusion at F1 car pace.

During one of the many double centuries that Sachin scored, Gavaskar who was on commentary mentioned how the gap between his bat and pad reduced as he progressed towards his century and then on. They showed video clippings of his stance before his fifty and during his century. It was a super technical catch by Gavaskar which confirmed his prediction that Sachin was in for a big one. The moment i noted that the language was deliberately made easy and the linear form of narration, this was the thought that crossed mind. If it was all maths and physics in 6174, its all nano tech, biology, computer wizardry and zoology in this edition with symbolism playing a big role on both the books. Only a person, who is clear in his understanding on all the above mentioned subjects can articulate something so complex in such a simple terms and weave an edge of the seat thriller around it. 

Its has been a literal craving of sorts for me to see such a genre being tried in tamil. We are the story tellers of the world. Our history has so much to share to the world and its the duty of all our authors to make it as interesting as possible in their works and take it to the larger audience. for example, Venice might be the most over rated of all tourist places in the world. But when it finds a mention to the extent described by Dan Brown in "Inferno" people who wouldnt otherwise plan visit might be tempted to do so, at least to visit those places where the chase takes place in person to enjoy the thrill. After reading 6174 and 7.83 i am tempted to visit lothal, chilika and all those locations marked in the book. 

Gils verdict: Avlo seriousana matter of annihilation of the country, atha reveal panra aalu nera vanthu sollama edhuku apdi oru scene create pananum? what is the significance of hiding it in his rear and protecting it from the fire caused by explosion? What if it had been destroyed in the fire? apdinulaam logica yosikaama, enjoy the book for what it is. Both his books are treasure troves of knowledge and has interesting trivia about India, told in an easy to grasp manner and best of all in tamil. Padikkarapo was feeling pull arichified with perumitham and felt like shouting "move over english makkas. engalukkum aal irukku".


Ramesh said...

Alas, not comfortable reading Tamil; else after reading this review I would have gone right out and bought it. Wonder why Sudhakar Kasturi has not commented on this post :)

Second book review in short succession. Gilsu, what happened to movies ? :)

gils said...

u would love this one ...i have shared it with him in FB..infact oru QnA session mathiri his approach to the story me planning..semma impressed with his write up..konjam thikki padipeenganna kooda paravala..give this book a try

gils said...

movies..neria pending..paaka time ila :D

Asha said...

Wow! Looks like an informative book.... Even i want to read the book.Will google him.

gils said...

idhuvum eversion vanthaachaam in amazon