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Oru pada paadal - Kabhi na Kabhi

This series is growing at an intriguing pace!! Vera topic edhuvum kedaikala reason apart, thought this was one movie, Kabhi na Kabhi, which didn’t had its due from songs perspective. The movie starred Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Pooja Bhatt. Story wise it was one of the mokkaiest. But songs by ARR were pretty good to say the least.

My personal favorite and probably the best of the album is the “Shukriya” song. I first saw the video in MTV(??) with a somber Jackie mouthing lines belted out by SPB. Probably that was even the reason which caught my attention as the picturisation was nothing fancy. SPB voicing out for Jackie!! Couldn’t think of a odder combination. But the simplicity of the lyrics and the tune was pretty catchy and till date I couldn’t get a better version of the song in mp3 version. But this song has forever been there on my special songs playlist. The lyrics, technically being a birthday situation song, thanks the lady for being there for the guy in his times of trouble. There is another famous English song which goes by similar concept of lyrics and “Crash and Burn” by Savage Garden comes closest is my guess.

“Milgayee Milgayee” song, you just have to hear the starting tunes and can find out it’s nothing but “Anjali Anjali” from duet sung by SPB. Kumar Sanu is not even in same pin code of SPB when it comes to rendition, but Alka does an Alka as always and redeems herself. “Tu hi Tu” is another quick paced song that would be immediately catchy unlike ARR tunes at that point of time, which, according to popular belief, the more time it takes for an ARR tune to settle and be likeable the best the song would be. I just got my guess confirmed, the lady voice is indeed Chitra. “Mere dil ka woh shehazada” is probably the most televised of the songs I guess, for I remember seeing only this song, whenever there is one being featured from this film. Probably to promote Pooja maybe!! But nevertheless, a feel good super cute song of its own with Asha bhosle proving yet again why she is the queen of the hummable.

“Mera yaara dil daara” is probably the only rival to the SPB-Jackie combo of mismatching with Hariharan and SPB doing a Punjabi folk duet alongside Chitra. It sounds so odd that despite the best efforts it doesn’t shine with the magic expected out of this combo. The nativity feel is never there for this song and probably the hindi folks would’ve felt the same as how we hear Udit Narayan singing tamil songs. Hariharan definitely redeems himself with “Meri saari subhon mein” which is the final song of the album. Its poetic, fast paced and catchy at the same time and Hariharan is all high pitched as expected out of him and would’ve round kattified this song.


Ramesh said…
When I saw the title, I misread it as Kabhi Kabhi. I instantly thought Gils ji has reached the right level in musical taste.

Posta padichapparum ....... :):)
gils said…
thala ji..kabhie kabhie lam eternal...athukum oru review post potruvom :)

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