Friday, June 23, 2017

A movie watch that wasn't

Last weekend we saw Maragatha Nanayam movie. With almost every single review going ga-ga over the movie, I was tempted to believe that not all of that could’ve been paid review. But movie wasn’t worth the hype is what I felt. It wasn’t a bad movie at all. With the USP of the movie, weighing on mimicry (Yes. You read that right) of the heroine being dubbed with a male voice and same characters speaking in multiple voices, it “sounds” novel. But wish the screenplay could’ve been more engaging. Felt like, the director would’ve selected the last few hits of horror comedy genre and removed all the common elements to add this USP and created a movie out of it.
There is no romantic track or duet songs. Tick one.
No special effects or CG driven ghosts. Tick two.
But he has retained the comic portions to a greater extent, which works in parts with major chunk of the credit going to Nikki Kalrani (heroine) for the spunk with which she has donned the role and her body language of that of a rowdy character. The “Mundaasupatti” guy rocks as usual in both serious and dead avatar of himself. Anand raj proves yet again how he is being wasted in caricature characterization for the performer he is. Aadhi (hero) seems to have the same expression for all his scenes, be it action or comic or sentimental and looks irritated. His sidekick from “Balakumara” movie, the supposedly funny man, has the most serious of dialogues. Not sure if it was meant as deadpan, but felt more like dead pan. Saving grace for the movie being it’s running time.  Though it takes a while to settle and the interesting twist of unrequited love, the second half rushes through quick to leave any real impact. The climatic touch when Nikki regains her voice for a brief second makes up for the sentiment portion and overall movie is only this much.

Gils verdict: Wait for it in Zee Tv. Vijayla varaathu nenakren.

The other movie that I started watching was “Sangili bungili kadhava thora”. Yes. You read that right. This is a registered title of a released tamil movie!! Supposed to be another done and dusted horror comedy, the initial premise of the reason why the family moves into that haunted house made me all the more nostalgic. The dream of the hero is to stay at his own house and how he and his family suffers at the hand of landlords forms a brief flashback. Wish that segment could’ve be elaborated into a movie of its own. We could’ve got “Veedu” part 2. Only those who had never stayed in a house of their own can relate to those pains and pangs. For a person who till date never had such a chance, it was a sad realization of the fact. Every single one of my cousin, on either side of the family tree, right from their childhood, had a house of their own. Almost all of my schoolmates and college mates have bought and settled in a nest of their own or at least had a taste of staying under own roof. None of them know the concept of paying rent for their place of stay. I could more than relate to some of the scenes from the movie, like the one in which house owner chases the tenants after the demise of the dad. I hope my kid breaks this trend of mine and I would do my damnest to make sure he has a permanent roof of his own over his head. Innum full padamum paakala. Will post if it’s worth a review.

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