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Oru pada paadal – Anbe Sivam

Looks like this would be a running series for me as well J Next in line is Anbe sivam - A movie, which is a classic of its own for its memorable storyline and amazingly witty dialogues between the lead characters, but the songs from this movie are a show stealer in their own right.

I vividly remember the comment made by my friend when we first heard the “Naatukoru sedhi” song. With Kamal going hyper, read (normal for him), with the beginning portions of the song, as if a horse has gone wild and neighing, he was pretty sure the movie would bomb. Though the prediction on movie did come true, the song was a master class nevertheless. It brought a new term to tamil lingo, “Vyabaara Kaantham”, which is explained during the course of the song itself. To call it a song alone would be robbing it of its multi-faceted nature as much of its beauty lie in its free flow format. It starts as a typical song and has dramatic interludes and the lyrics are top of the rack stuff by Vairamuthu. The way the clash between Nasser, as the corrupt capitalist, Factory workers and impact of globalization and how it destroys small vendors, everything is tracked, alongside the storyline of the movie in one single song. Special credit to the man of this post, music director Vidyasagar. I couldn’t recollect a single album of him belonging to a dud movie, yet he is never given his due in tamil industry!! All I could think of were Jaihind, Dhill, Dhool, Karna, Mozhi and Anbe Sivam being his crowning glory. Its difficult to compose for a Street act kind of a song and with so many intricate layers being represented in the song, he had aced it to the extent possible.

Next in list is the “Ela machi” song. I was stumped to hear Udith Narayan being the pair up choice alongside Kamal on this one, when I first heard it. On seeing the picturisation, it was clear that Kamal has pulled a fast one on Udit J Making him sound like a drunkard would’ve hardly been an effort for, the lyrics being in tamil, alien tongue for Udit, he had delivered a class act for his portions. The lyrics again were amazingly original and probably rate as some of the best efforts by Vairamuthu. “Aduthavan vayithukulla un unavu illaiya” could well be the single line definition of communism and till the time the “idly” reference came in “Katthi” this one ruled the roost. The song nevertheless is a typical hero worship tribute for Kamal and the narcissist he is, he has sang about himself on his own J “Vaadhathuku gettikaaran..vakeeluku sonthakaaran” who else but him J As much as for the funky tune, this song is much more of its own by the sheer originality of the lyrics.

In “Mounamae Paarvaiyaal”, Pa.Vijay redeems himself in his only opportunity to score. With the smooth, mellifluous and redoubtable SPB giving soul to it, the song lingers afresh in mind, every time you hear it. Somehow the voice of SPB seems to go in Benjamin button mould and till the time I googled for the singers, I thought it was SPB Charan. The master betters himself every time, as always.

My favourite of the lot is “Poo vaasam” song. Be it the lyrical beauty of it or the super romantic picturisation or the topnotch composition, the song is the Spade of Ace of the album, without any doubt. The way in which the lead pair question each other through lyrics and the witty and interesting replies, coupled with the situation of the song, makes it a memorable experience. And I love the flute interlude, like a peacock’s cry at the beginning.

Finally, the title song, about which much has been spoken about already. Anyone who remembers the movie, will immediately synch it with this song. For its deep philosophical meaning on what is love and what is god and its final inference alone, this deserves a place in top 100 songs of all time. I’ve my peeve against the way it’s been picturised targeting only one religion, but apart from that minor irritant, this song is impossible to ignore by anyone knowing tamil. The concept of the song is universal and it simply speaks the language of love. For a movie, which is all about not just loving thy neighbor but any living being, be it dog or man, this song sums up the theme of the movie like nothing else.


Ramesh said…
Haven't heard any of the songs. OK; since you have recommended it, I shall search online.

Good you have come to Tamil. But I see you have gone back to Hindi in your next post. Kya ho gaya hamare blog mannan ko ? Hindi seekh raha hai kya ??
gils said…
Modi-fied desh..hindi thinippu from all sides :D:D:D

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