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Tamizh ji...vaazhga ji

“Ji..chillara vaangiteengala ”
“Ji..lunchuku polama”
“Ji..vandiya thalli park pannunga”
“ji..movieku polama”
Not sure when this epidemic started but my best guess would be around the time “Itharkuthane asaipatai Balakumara” movie, with the lead character quoting everything and everyone with a “ji”. A while back, it was ”thala” fever with everyone addressing everyone else as “Thala” and it even had several variants – “Route thala”, “area thala” and so went the list.
This “ji” thing has fast replaced “inga” as word of respect, like “You” in English which is for addressing both elders and youngsters alike and unlike “Nee” and “Neenga” differentiation in tamil. It used to feel irksome at the beginning, but nowadays it has reached levels of harrowing with everyone addressing everyone else as “Ji”.
Yesterday our network admin came to my team mate’s desk and asked “ji..what is your issue ji..ticket raise paniruntheengalay”
That lady responded that “illa ji..VPN connect aaga matenguthu ji”
Hindi edhirpu I come. Where is that taar dabba when u need one!!!


Ramesh said…
Gils ji.

En titlum mathunga ji

"Thala" vittittu ......... :):)
G3 said…
Ennaji.. rendezhuthu.. idhukku poi neenga imbuttu feel pannalama ji :-P
gils said…
@thalaji: aiyoji..ungalukuji alwaysji thala thaanji
@ggg:unga perlaye ivlo ji irukkay...and avvvvvvvvvvvvvv...u the still usiroda than irukings!!??

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