Saturday, June 17, 2017

Oru pada paadal - 12b

Ithey ratela pona aduthu "chakrathari" ' Shantha sakkubai" "Saarangadhara" padamlaam reviewku varumna nu kekara unga mind voice I also the hear. But enna seyya..topic patraakurai. Plus this theme has really caught up with me.

The movie 12B, I guess is the second movie for Harris Jayaraj after the immensely successful "Minnale". There used to be rumours (considering his current albums makes one wonder if it was true) that he came out of ARR's troupe, stealing some good tunes and wouldn't last more than few movies. But that was the time when all of Harri's albums were super duper hits with every single song becoming chartbusters. I keep mentioning the deathbed playlist . If the song "Poove vaai pesum poathu" is missing from it, intha kattai vegaathu. From a slow whistle sound of a flute, the song is all lazy elegance and special award should've been given to the choreographer for making this song a visual delight as well, with smooth dance moves that gel with the tone of the song. Even though he has hardly 4 lines in the song, Harish Ragavendra, as always, makes his presence felt. Probably the best song by Harris ever. There were several small cute songs in the movie, which i wish should've been made into lengthier tunes by Harris. "Oru paarvai paar" by Karthik, is a close contender for the playlist entry as well, if only it had been a bit more lengthier. The theme song of the movie used to be my ring tone for god knows how long And Harris "copycat" jeyaraj, started lifting tunes from his own movies, right from this one, with several of the BGM portions, making way for full blown songs, especially into "Kaaka kaaka". "The party song" which is a kola kuthu song was a super duper hit and used to be the title song for many a TV program. The rap song "Anandham" was another first of its kind in tamil movie and used to be the only song that played in all our outing trips. That cassette got played so many times that every single magnetic bit of it would've been scrapped to its final segments.

Raju Sundaram would've aced in choreography of "Love pannu" song which is both an aural and visual delight. His quirky dance steps with his troupe playing dumb and dumber kind of weird postures, became a trademark across many a movie. "Mutham Mutham" song and "Jothi neranjava" songs are probably the weakest links in the album. But lyrics wise the crowning glory of the album would be "Saria thavara". Probably the most hep and trendy and popular of all feminist film songs. With the questioning kind of format, that poses queries to the society mocking it for its dual standards towards men and women. One can actually wish Harris made more such albums. But considering that he would make a rehash of the same old songs, one should be careful for what they wish for!!!

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G3 said...

Paravaa illayae.. thamizh padamum listla varudhu ;-)

Oru paarvai paar and aanandham.. my favs too :-)