Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maru oliparappu

Romba kadupula edachum karuthu solalamnu paatha..aaru varusham munnalaye same karuthu told. Was listening to the song from Mayakkam enna movie and thought of doing a translation. Thedi paatha already postiruken!!! Original song “Ennenna seithom inge” from the movie.

The things we do..
The places we go..
Blaming it all on fate
Living a life full of hate
Drowning in the sea of sadness
Loosing calm mind to madness
In search of a safety pod
To reach the lotus feet of God
Amidst reality so gory
Seeking the divine glory
To cross the sea of pain
The destiny we strive to attain

Searching for the meaning of life
Living on the edge of a knife
Lost in the concrete Jungle
Where good and bad mingle
Longing for elusive freedom
To reach thy divine kingdom
Where fire breathes coolness
and air relishes its stillness
Where smoke settles and solidifies
and falls, that gravity defies

Throwing the key in the dark
Hoping it would reach its lock
Forgetting the helping hands
Joining the maddening bands
Wanting to get a glimpse of the bend
Living to die to reach you in the end


mahesh said...

Iravu pagalai theda and bhikshai paathiram yaendhi vandhaen combine pannina pola iruuku.

Ramesh said...

Why the romba kaduppu ???

gils said...

ijit so? bikshai paathiram song ketathilla.


Adutha post varuthu paarunga :D