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V-day the D-day

Febrauary na love thaan nyagabam varanumaam. Enga paathalum red color heartin poster and balloon and chocolate and semma colorful. Aanlum overa commercial aakitaanganu thonuthu. Intha balloon, card, rose flower, chocolate kooda ok. Veena pona coffee mug engenthu intha listla vanthuchu therila. Mini gundaa andaa size ku coffe mug sollitu, they put anything and everything as the wrapper for the cup. Sun sign, cute sayings, philosophical ones, pictures, cartoons inum ennalaam antha cup circumferencela fit aagumo athanaiyum they do, except for the original intent- to drink coffee. Obviously two cups of coffee on them, you would need a refill for the percolator. Dicotion vaangiye bondi aaga vendi thaan. All things considering, the month dedicated for love is the shortest of all. Ithan moolam enna karuthu sollavaraanga? Love is short but life is long? Edho onnu irunthutu poguthu.

Personally I feel its an overkill of emotions. There is no logic to any of these and so does the concept of love which is beyond any logic. But public display of affection, cinematica panra vishayangal are all nauseating. If you are restricted to crib and bitch around about people you don’t like, same should apply for those you like as well. But probably, its because of the generic trait of us such folks, who are masters at grieving but are almost thankless for all the good things in life. May be there is a categorization for folks like us, who simply don’t know how to celebrate happiness and probably not willing to invest that effort as well. We do form a good lot of audience who are decent enough to appreciate the freedom of others to express and restricting our responses to the customary courtesy as applicable.

I guess, as long as its truthful and honest any emotion be like or dislike would be at par with each. So gumbaloda govindava oru happy valentine day advancea sollidrom saamiyov.


Ramesh said…
Intha mathriri post ezhuthinaa, seruppala adi kadaikkum.

Madam readya irukkanga. Dinnerukku take Mr Giksu :) Hope gift is ready !

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