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The whole issue of mini-mum usurping the throne is heading towards Stockholm syndrome of a climax. All that is required is for her to appear before mike in a publicized meet and cry a few tears on how people are tarnishing and passing cheap comments on her and blocking her opportunity just because she was an assistant to the late supremo. Social media is abuzz with meme’s of how the ex-servant maid is now going to be the next ruler of the state and are, as usual, over the top in decrying her and her intentions. Some of the comments and memes may straight away invite defamation cases and are out right condemnable even if true. What such people miss out is that, though their intention of stopping a corrupt person to come to power may be justified, their means are not. Not a single meme or post talks about how corrupt she is and what are the charges against her and no one is questioning her source for creating such a vast fortune when her original and only known occupation had always been renting video cassettes. When there are so much ammunition abound, people are taking the cheap way out of damaging her character and denying her the ticket as she was a servant maid, which in fact is legally wrong and might warrant action against those who spread such baseless messages. Is this what we are telling people who are in that profession that if you are a house maid you are deemed to die in that role? Is this what we are telling those shopkeepers that their aspirations should lie to rest within the closed shutters of their shops. Not for a minute I’ve any doubt on why mini-mum should never ever even step into the esteemed Ft. St. George, but if the only reason to hold against her is her past work profile, then there is nothing more stupid than that argument. Of course she would buy her way out of the criminal cases against her. Obviously she would rig elections and win landslide. As sure as sun rising tomorrow (no pun intended) she and her family would run the state dry of its resources and would probably loot it to the last cent. Is she a saint? Not by any measure. But instead of projecting the actual fallacy in her even contemplating for the position, leave alone the atrocious back stage hacks, people are pushing things in her favour which may ultimately result in all those very things that they are detesting and don’t want to happen. For past 5 decades we have been ruled by CM’s with not much of a educational background and are mostly movie professionals with a tea seller turned politician filling up as interim a few times. If such non-political background personalities can grow in their position and claim a respectable space in people’s heart, it would only spur the case for mini-mum’s supporters.

Whatever said and done, if the worse case scenario happens, the silver lining in all of it would be that, it would give wings to dreams of common folk to dream the impossible, for what the state is witnessing is a never foreseen scenario of any time.


Naan said…
Well said Shanki... There are indeed so many things to explain why she is bad and all ppl do is making fun of her job.
Naan said…
The real decision makers now are the ppl of Andippatti... I am curious how they are going to react when this usurper reaches out to them for their votes.
gils said…
kaaaaalam badil sollum
Ramesh said…
Interesting that she seems to have little public support, but significant legislative support. In our democracy, it is the elected representatives (MLAs) who have the right to choose the leader. If they have chosen her, than that's it. Next election time, the people can always send her packing if they think she's awful. In any case, this may all be moot; for, if the Supreme Court judgement finds her guilty, then that's the final say.

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