Friday, February 03, 2017

Love today

After finishing bursting every bubble on the sheet, Anil finally declared “ I am bored. Edhukaga enna inga vara sonna”
“I am confused” replied Priya
“What ok..yendaa neenga ellam ipdi irukeenga”
“ I am confused…”yendaa” sollitu “neenga” nu respectoda solria? Or neenga as in many people”
“Unkitta poi solla vanthen paaru..naan kelambaren”
“hey..relax pannatumaynu mokka potta..tensiona thaan iruppennu adampudikara…enna prachanai…”
“Seriousa kekarenna solren”
“koorum..koori tholaiyum”
Unable to control the smile, she mock slapped him on his wrist.
“I am confused Anil..”
“Adhaan already sollitye..mela sollu”
“Yesterday Ram proposed to me”
“Idhu ithana varushama intha blogla nadakara vishayam thaana…”
“Priya ku propose pannatha Ram unda nu sonen..athula enna confusion? Hindi la propose panitana? Enkita artham kekatha..enakum hindi ku edho paar moar nu solvanga nenakren”
“konjam shuttera close panria..solla vanthatha kelu”
“sollu” said Anil miming a finger-on-lips pose
“Avan en apdi pannanu thaan purila..never knew this was his intention all this while..i always thought him as a good friend”
Looking at Anil unsuccessfully trying to stop laughing..she grew angry..”enna ilippu vendirukku”
“sonna nakkal adikaren sollakoodathu”
“Now I am confused”
“ kelambaren”
“Iru imsai arasiye..enakku oray oru matter mattum clear pannitu po…”
“Yendi neengalam ipdi irukeenga”
“Serupu piyyum..enna di pottu pesara..and don’t generalize women… ok”
“paathiya..ithulenthay theriyala…how different we men folk are from you nu..i repeated a dialog you said verbatim and you feel offended”
“naanga ungala “da” podrathukum neenga “di” podrathukum neria difference irukku”
“Ithu discuss pannathaan inga vara sonnia”
“you were the one who digressed..what was your point”
“oru paiyan propose panna udanay avana en oru bad image vachu pakreenga?”
“Naan enga bad image create panen..i was shocked that he had such thoughts about our relationship..athaan sonen”
“Recollect your always thought him as a good what is he? A bad friend or a better enemy?”
“Topic change panra..that wasn’t the point”
“Its exactly the point..see..he, in your own words, has been a good friend of yours..unnoda qualities (!!) paathu impress aagi propose what way that deserves the “good friend” tag?..don’t you like him or have any admirable qualities about him?”
“Ofcourse there pannanuma?”
“vera edhu iruntha love panuveenga?”
“what nonsense you are talking..appo enakku pudicha qualities irukaravan ellar kitayum poitu propose panna solria?”
“Appo Ram antha mathiri panran sollavaria? Is that your confusion that he is proposing to all the girls for the reason you mentioned?”
“You are making a controversy out of a simple thing..i never meant it that way”
“So spell exactly what is confusing it the fact why he proposed to you, of all people?..en muraikara..innum options it because you don’t find him as a suitable match for you..what is the reason”
“I never saw him that way..athaan reason”
“Are you opting for an arranged marriage..veetla thituvanga? Caste? Ithu mathiri edachum hidden reason?”
“Adhulam onumila..”
“Arranged marriage thaan pannikanum..against love marriage..apdi edavathu policy?”
“uhumm..thirumbavum solren..i seriously never had such thoughts about Ram..he was ..seri.seri..he still is ..a good guy..nalla friend. Adhuku mela yosichathilla”
“seri..ipo yosichiko..whats stopping you?”
“Ithenna vamba poachu..kalyanamna athu Ram kooda thaan irukanumnu edachum sattama? Why are you forcing me into this?”
“Hello..ithenna pudu kadhai..Ram propose pannitaanu enna kooptu vachu sonnathu nee..naan verum options pathi analyse pannitruken..avlovay..”
“So…for your why question..i asked a why not..why not Ram? Neeye sonna he is your good friend..nalla qualities..etc why not him? What else you expect?”
“Enakku therila..may be because we know each other way too detailed? Ennala avan kitta naan romba nallava nu scene poda mudiathu and vice versa..adhu kuda reasona irukalam”
“Now you are talking..appo evanayachum emaantha sonagirikaga thaan Ram reject panra..rightu..matter over..aana usuala makkal prefer people who know them are yosiching ulta.”
“Hey..apdi naan enga sonen..ofcourse I would prefer someone who knows me better..adhukagalam Ram kalyanam panikanuma..unakku kooda thaan enna nalla theriyum”
“ithuku naan enna badil solrathu..nalla theriyum solli nee enkita propose panitenna..en pondaati Aam Admi party member vera…symbollaye thodappam vachirukanga…election timela edhuku vambula maati udra?”
“Nee first sonnathu thaan are confused..romba yosichi confuse aaitia..illa mandaila masala ilama intha effecta theriala..he is a good guy..knows you well..veetla prachanai irukathu solra..ithu poga vera enna venum?”
“hmmm…may be it would be too simple..oru thrillay irukathu..everything goes smooth if Ram is the guy..may be I want the emotion and drama associated with a “love” marriage..athunala kooda irukalam ilaya?”
“nee unna pathi thaana pesitruka? Ennamo vera yaarukagavo pesaramathiri solra?”
“I don’t know..enaku unkita itha pathi voice out panna panna I am getting more confused..why I am reacting like this nu”
“Vera yaraiyachum you like?”
“I don’t know”
“Who is he”
“I said I don’t know..”
“Theriyum..adhaan yaarnu keten”
“He is this guy from college..oray varila solanumna..he is total antithesis of Ram..he buff..non-stop nonsense when it comes to chatting his head off..and unlike Ram, he is kind of a rebel for trying out things on a whim”
“So you got your like him. Athaan Ram pudikala….and you are welcome…seri kelambalama..time aaguthu”
“Hey..i don’t love him..and that is not the reason”
“Ada pongayya….summa noyyi noyyi nu…propose panravanum venaamam..pudichirukavanum venamaam…nee kalyanam panna pannu pannati po..intha ponnungalay ipdi thaan..kuthunga esamaan kuthunga”
“Adivaanga pora”
“Pinna..saadhuva gentlea behave panni…politea pesindu...ellariyum respect panra pasanganna ungaluku bore adikum..avangalay initiative eduthu..dhairiyama vanthu propose panna reject pannuveenga..evanachum rowdythanama iruntha avan mela thaan crush know how traumatizing it is to open up to a girl and propose to her…naalu perai poatu adichitu kooda vanthirulam..this requires guts and I am surprised that Ram did that is something I never expected from him knowing his nature..aana knowing must have been nothing short of being sincere an attempt from him.unless he would’ve been absolutely sure..he wouldn’t even have tried”
“Ippo enna solla vara..Ram nallavan naan kettava..athaana”
“That would’ve been the most childish inference..ithukagava ipdi dhum katti waste”
“Opposites attract nu kelvi pattathilla”
“Its not just for you..i can go out on a limb and say..there are many out there who are spoiled by what is shown on movies..conformists, timids, nerds..ivangalam boring people..intha pokkirthanama suthitru vela vetti ilama ponungala galatta panitu thiriyara pasanga thana herova varanga padathula…you girls have been subconsciously lead to believe that applies in real as well”
“Avlo mokkaiyalam ila..”
“Ok..tell me onething..if you’ve to pick your life partner what are the qualities that you would want in him and tell me how Ram differs from any of them..i am not a member of “getting Ram married to you” club..but to make you realize what you are not seeing”
“hmmm…apdi edhuvum mismatch agara mathiri illa to tell the truth..but..i don’t get that are making me feel guilty now”
“That was not the’s how guys like Ram are seen in general by girls..avangalukelam veetla paathu panni vacha thaan undu…avangala try panni set aganumna..adhu ulaga adhisayam thaan”
“I don’t know what to say..nee sonna reasonskaga I am not saying No..that much I am sure. Basically it all boils down to that inner feeling..enakku athu Ram kitta varala…Is he a good guy..definitely. Will he be a good partner for me..most probable person..yet..there is something that I feel missing..antha spark..antha chemistry..adhu enakku feel aagala..”
“Thanks Anil..unkita pesinaprum I am more clear on my decision..seri ipo kelambina thaan train pudika mudiyum..catch you later”

Having set her doubting demons to rest she left for the railway station, where death was waiting for her in the form of her spurned lover.

Note: After reading news after news on acid attack on girls, murder attempts and unmentionable cruelty, it really makes one wonder, what else should someone do to make the other party understand. Probably it all stems from the fact that majority of the crowd say “Yes” even when they don’t want to and are unable to comprehend people who say “No”. Maybe, it’s the unreasonable hope that a little nudge could change their decision often ends in undesirable consequence for both parties and more.


Naan said...

Nice story. Feels so natural describing the normal issues girls face. The struggle between goodies & baddies in getting the cuties is there from time immemorial - IMO.

Just one thing. The conclusion statement-la ennavo sollavarannu theriyuthu. Ennannu thaan intha 'piththa' mandaikku puriyala...

gils said...

Aairam thaan nallavana irunthaalum..when she says No it means No. athaan kathai surukkam.

Naan said...

Oh... Antha last line-kku athuvaa artham. Nee enna Kamal Hassan kitta sirappu payirchi eduthuttu vanthiya?