Monday, February 06, 2017

Bogan - review

After a longtime, an interesting premise of a story that too for a mass commercial film – Bogan.

The initial few scenes involving Arvind swamy and the heist remind of “Nokku varmam” from “7th arivu” movie till the time the concept of how he did it is explained. A spoiler for those who had already read the movie review like me J Arvind swamy has been having the time of his life, post his “Thani oruvan” movie success. The movie, though has Jeyam Ravi, as the original lead, has so much screen space dedicated to him is clear proof of his clout. And one has to say, he has made fair use of this ample screen time. Be it emotion scene or posing haughty arrogance, he does it effortlessly. The suave villain that was lacking in tamil cinema is well and truly sealed in Arvind swamy.

Premise is same as the one already tested in “Chinna vaathiyar” movie. There are no elaborate rituals as in the former and a mere look makes him achieve the result, which leads to so many loop holes that kinds of rob the sheen of the otherwise unique storyline. Jeyam Ravi has better chemistry with Swamy than Hansika and it shows on screen. But his performance kinds of drags the movie down from the levels of “Face off” which again had similar role switch theme or “Aks” the hindi movie where Manoj Bajpai and Amitabh literally set the screen on fire. For a leading hero to don villain role, it should’ve been once in a career kind of an offer and Ravi barely scrapes through with his performance. Partial blame has to be shared by Arvind swamy and the director himself, for not having many notable quirks for his character that would’ve made it grander. The maniacal laughter of Travolta and his mannerism in holding cigarette, still stands out from the “Face off” movie. Hansika, finally would be having a hit after so many flops. Her costumes are in direct proportion to her screen time. Screenplay was pretty lousy as it looks like the director was pretty confident that the story would be lapped in by the audience and what should’ve been an intriguing cat and mouse game between the hero and villain in switched roles, happens way to easy and simple.

Songs were pathetic to say the least and could’ve all been avoided. Probably they were placeholders for the movie, when remade in telugu or other languages to come up with better show for the lead pair in those languages. Pretty sure Arvind will essay the same in at least one of those languages and would charge a bomb. BGM which could’ve set the tone for the movie was horrible as well. Had more effort been put in, it could’ve really lifted the movie up to a different level.

Gils verdict – I really liked the movie. Wish it could’ve been made even more better for the storyline deserves the treatment. Probably the casting was something that could’ve been concentrated more on, with some interesting pairing. Having said that, Arvind swamy rocks big time. Wouldn’t be surprised if the promised sequel has him securing his role and Ravi getting replaced.

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Ramesh said...

Ahhh. At long last, one more heroine to know of. Hansika. As usual, hadn't heard of the name before.

But just one casual sentence on her costumes is not enough. Plizzz to educate more.