Thursday, December 22, 2016

The question with no answer

“How do I look”

If 143 is the universal love code for “I love you”, this 3214 should be the universal alert code for men, especially husband folks. However innocuous it may sound, the question has all the traps one could ever fathom and is as tricky as navigating the trap ridden field in “Black Hawk Down” movie.

What do you answer for that question?
More importantly what is the expectation as an answer for this question is what makes it the most difficult question ever posted to “man”kind.

Should you answer honestly?
If you are someone who goes by that virtue as a best policy, probably there are lot of other policies you may’ve to opt for post the answer.

Should you blatantly lie?
It may and will backfire and whatever you said will be held against you and your right to silence can’t save you anymore.

Should you be a constructive critique?
May or may not work and has all the chances of a rework effort involved for both parties which would definitely delay any plan either had.

Should you be downright cynical?
Never works and you are D.O.A

Will a witty response help?
To quote Arnab “Never ever ever ever ever ever ever”.

Should you evade all these mine fields and remain silent?
Note that all your actions or lack of it are recorded for quality purposes and training (for you) and will be retrieved and implemented at a later point of time, multiple times. A viral video on YouTube will be easy to remove than the damage caused by this action.

I’ve rarely, in fact never, seen men folk asking this question. For they knew the answer already and are wise enough not to dig something that is already dead and buried. She made the decision to marry you despite what you are, so why rekindle something that is as good as lifting the dome on Chernobyl to check for leak.

Probably this question should be registered in the hall of fame of ancient riddles posted by Sphinx and all those mythological questions the answers for which will get you unimaginable things. If you do’ve an answer please do share J


Ramesh said...

Ha Ha ha. Gilsuu is experiencing all the joys of married life :):)

How can you be foxed. Please recite appropriate dialogue from one of the million movies that you know by heart. Please also educate us as to the various answers that worked, for your dilemma is faced by all of mankind :)

Savitha said...

Best is to not wait for the question. Just give your honest opinion beforehand, so she (we) will feel noticed. End of day, that's what these Q's are for. Attention seeking. ��������

gils said...

@thala: various answersa..ukkum..inga onnuthukkay vazhia kaanum :D

@athivasi: ungalukagavay oru post ready panren

Vincy said...

Let me try and answer how it works for me... Maybe you should tell all the positives ( and you better be honest) and probably just one negative, which sounds positive.

Example : that dress fits you so well, the colour suits you and that's the first time I am seeing you in a colour like that, and that shoes they compliment your height. and may be you should smile a little more.

I hope you did not think this is the answer my hubby gives me, everytime I ask this question. He is worser than you and I realise experience just doesn't help men, atleast in this case

gils said...

hehehee...if u urself can't get it can u expect poor menfolk :D