Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mandatory year end post

I started this year with this statement as a wish,” Gils plan to be more steady and static. No more jumping and changing. Planning to stand and stay secure for more time to come :)”
It was more like an objective to stick to and it didn’t even last 5 months L Of all the changes that happened this was the saddest and I could never forgive myself for what happened. It was demoralizing to say the least and has left a lasting gash in my psyche. If could go back in time, I would stop myself from making that decision  2 years back that changed the course of my career. But that would’ve meant I would’ve still been doing what I left, a dull boring job which made clichés look brand new. If not that instant I would’ve intervened on my other decision that came like an year back, which was solely attributed to my non-sticky nature that longs for change once familiarity sets in.

I always have the best phases of one’s life coinciding when my mindset is at its peak negative or foul. Probably this is what life is- a cacophony of a mix of being happy and otherwise. 2016 seems like a really long year for I’ve almost forgotten that it was at the beginning of this year only my kid came to stay with us from his native. Like many good things I take for granted, I often under estimate my fair share of joy and rarely celebrate happiness. That is one aspect I want to learn and build on from next year, for I’ve almost mastered the art of grieving. After the kid came home, then only I began to realize how many people are actually staying in our apartment complex!! He has this knack of making friends and almost every one of the household makes it a point to visit him every day. It’s a blessing in no disguise as we definitely needed all the support possible to raise him. It’s no simple statement that it takes a village to raise a kid. Probably needs a tweak that village to be replaced with apartments.

After a professional fiasco cum hara-kiri I deliberately decided to take things slow. The only thing being the constant reminder of the same whenever the impulse to push kicks in. The recent storm taught many a valuable lesson about using resources where even a small candle showed its worth in times of need. It gave a great life lesson on riding through disasters with a sense of togetherness. The very next night of the storm, it was a clear sky with a shiny moon and so many stars. Well, when there is no power and if you couldn’t sleep with mosquitoes doing symphony renditions right on your ears, you get to witness lot many of nature’s specials for the day. There were about a dozen of us, standing in what was our driveway, then resembling amazon jungle set, chatting about the stars and laughing. Don’t remember the last time ever had such conversation with not so known people.  Next came the news of “the death” of “the person”. I could see firsthand how death instantly purifies any and all sins and becomes the ultimate atoner. I could see genuine sympathy and truthful tears being shed. I could also witness the ugly side of ambivalence and opportunism.

2017 is all set to become the year that would rival 2012 for doomsday prediction. With the famed demonetization nearing its year-end deadline, which has all the possibility of extending into the next year and with the blonde wigged bugger itching with this twitching finger for the power center seat of the earth, we are set for interesting times. Or it might all fall flat on its face and we might get to see the emergence of two really strong economies. If not anything, 2017 couldn’t be more drastic in painting a picture of hope vs despair. In just about 4 days time, we will get to know.

Wishing you all a peaceful new year for that was what short in supply in 2016.


mahesh said...

Dear VSR,

Happy New Year to you and your family.

May all that you dream for and desire be granted to you in 2017.

With prayers and good wishes!


Vincy said...

**// blonde wigged bugger itching with this twitching finger for the power center seat of the earth//** I like that !!!

Happy new year to you and all you love.

gils said...

nanni mages and vincy