Monday, December 05, 2016

Mokka padams

At times, despite all the warnings and caution, you still end up doing things just for the heck of it. Watching "kadavul irukaan kumaru" and "kavalai vendam" fall into that repent after reason failure category which would be definitely followed by "i told you so" by all those on whom the same misfortune had befallen. Note: Idhulam padam, ithuku oru review..topic vera kedaikalaina enna vena ezhuthivia nulaam kraas kostin pannapadaathu.

Considering that black money and demonetization being flavor of the day, want our government to send notices to the producers and backers of these kind of movies. Its pretty obvious that they had money to burn and ended up burning not just their excess money, but also the call sheets of the actors and time of the audience who ended up watching them on theaters. Worse of all, the censor board need to be sued for certifying these movies for public viewing. Probably there should be a guideline at their level itself to filter out such mokka masala movies, which has no intention but to make quick buck for the producer to sell these movies at a premium rate to some mindless distributor and some up and coming tv channels. None of them are going to win any oscar or national award, leave alone any form of contribution to art field. The purpose of producing such movies is known to none. May be the lead pair wants to extend their market share to B and C Centers, which means the dialogues would be crass and full of double entendres, must have tasmac or drinking scenes with kuthu/item song encouraging our heroes to decry and demonize women folk in all forms possible. These movies are not products for art, not fit for society, not meant for any kind of audience but those who are ruffians and are encouraged and emboldened by scenes in these movies and wastrels who consider the lead guy character from the movie as their role model. 

Just like how our political system, which in the name of not wanting to have education as a criteria for holding any ministerial berth, there by effectively ensuring no decent learned person would even manage to get a ticket, these so called centerwise classification encourages people to come up with all kind of crappy story lines and their releases are so strategically scheduled such that there are no other movie, be it any level decent, that are played during that window. Unakkena ivlo akkara..pudicha paaru illati paakatha nu advice panravangaluku..naanum baadhikapatten..neradiyaga badhikapatten. Bore adichuthay sollitu theriathanama padatha paathathin vilavay intha post. Inimay bore adicha, sathiyama intha mathiri vibareetha activities wouldnt even think of.

Sambdrathayathuku review.

Kadavul irukaan kumaru is about GV Prakash, supposedly ad film maker (??) who is about to be married to Nikki Galrani, for some reason is stalked by his ex girl friend Anandhi. He rejects her proposal, goes to Pondy for bachelor party, gets caught by police for carrying more liquor than permitted and his attempts to bribe the police and the ways he tries to arrange the money for them form 75% of the movie. Since his ex lover helps him to arrange the money, he ditches his fiancé and gets back with Anandhi. Gils verdict – ipdilam padam eduka allow panathuku kadavul irukaranu naama thaan nondhukanum

Kavalai vendam – wonder who came up with that title. Probably the director to the producer that he needn’t bother about the collections as its going to bomby any way at BO or the story writer to the actors that they need not worry to work their brains for the movie? Not sure whom they were trying to appease and assuage. There dialogues are down right filthy and crassy and demeaning to every single character on the plot, if at all you can call it one. The comical scenes or whatever they were thinking while canning them were idiotic and wouldn’t even find place on school skits. Story is virtually non-existent. Jeeva, a chef, is married to Kajal Agarwal,a fashion designer or someone who has been to abroad is the closest we get to know of her profession, who decides to get divorce from him on the second day of their wedding on some trivial issue. God knows how long they stay separate and one fine day visits him to get divorce to marry an amerika mappalai (bobby simha in a dummy role). Meantime, jeeva manages to ushar pannufy Sunaina, who for some reason is friendzoned by him, yet she pines shamelessly for him to marry her. The rest of the cast is completed by RJ Balaji and few more jokers…err..comedians. For all his bhashan on bad movies and how cinema treats women, RJ Balaji has found the knack of being on exactly those movies and even revel in such roles. So much for walking the talk. Gils erdict – ivlo mokka padathuku avlo lavisha selavu panirukara producer pudichi IT department check panni ulla thallanum, And intha mathiri mokka padamlaam allow panrathukaga censor as well should be penalized.

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