Monday, March 07, 2016

The trauma of being Trump

Recently saw in TOI that the Canadian immigration website crashed with overwhelming amount of Americans trying to figure out ways to migrate to Canada with the impending nomination of Trump and Hillary, neither of which are popular candidates with general public, but surprisingly are fast becoming leading contenders for the top job. Firstly, it can't be qualified as a news yet, just for the reason that the reporting paper was TOI. Secondly, it sounds oxymoronic to say the least that, the very public who would be voting to elect their leader are running away from election only to strengthen what is now just a "fear" that the so called candidates "might" win.

Blame it on the novels and the tonnes of movies based on US Presidency, their elections hold as much fancy to me personally as our own. If the last two were historic for the simple reason of color, this election would be nothing short on record books for it might elect the first ever women leader of the world's most watched nation. But this election has also been famous for an altogether infamous reason that answers to the call of "Trump". Fact that i've concoted the word "reason" and the name "Trump" in the same sentence is in itself a logical miracle of its own. Be it his attitude or his mannerisms, his opinions and his quick gun justifications, this man has twirled the world of polity upside down with his brash to say the least approach. In many ways, he sounds the older version of our own pappu, who holds the advantage of having his mom, media and members in his coterie.

If at all Trump has one thing a common man aspire for in a politician, its the mere fact that he is not afraid to be politically correct. Whatever comes to his mind, even though it be a mindless vow to fence the border and deport people without a plan or polarize people without bating an eyelid, he pours it out with conviction and never bothers to defend once he has defined. He is everything that qualifies as a dictator more than a democratic leader and might probably cause more wars than stop. Yet, in a world that is fast becoming disillusioned with the concept of democracy, he runs the advantage of being the "why not give him a chance and see" kind of a leader. Those who are curious or doesnt care "what worse can happen than where we are now" are the major populace who are stringing a series of victories for him. His policies and philosophies are such that his own party is ashamed short of shunning him out of the race. It might just need a defeat or two in key states for Trump to be kicked off the nominee list and at this point, that stage never seemed so bleak before.

Despite all the ridiculous policies and the ruthlessness with which media world over are hunting for his head, one shouldnt lose sight of the very fact that, this is the boon or bane of having a democratic system. You can love him or hate him for his audacity but to elect him or not is still an option that rests with the people. With TRP being woven in his name, the media is milking his quotes or misquotes for gaining more eyeballs. For all their collective wisdomic vitriol in mocking and demonifying Trump, the media has only succeeded in deifying his status amongst the hysterical mob who simply doesnt care.

Personally i would love to see Hillary on the hill, just to mimic my most favourite novel "The Prodigal daughter" yet had i had the option i would vote for Trump, because, for the village idiot to become the king, that would be the kind of ending fairy tales are made of, however scary they may be.


Ramesh said...

I know this is a "mega mokkai" post, but even in jest, would you vote for Trump. He is not just the village idiot; he is positively dangerous. The sad commentary is that there are enough people in the US who seem to be captivated by him. Its more a reflection of the state of American society than on Trump the man.

gils said...

True that thala...i was being ironic..but considering the rate at which he is winning delegates..irony is long dead and buried in amrika :D