Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Iruthi sutru - review

Been on watchlist for a really long time. Have been hearing all raving reviews about the movie, which always refreshed its place on the list. Last week thaan athuku vimochanam kitti.

Madhavan had been crying his heart out on all promo shows on how the story moved him and how he cried with Rajkumar Hirani while narrating the story or was it a cry to have him on board for fine tuning screenplay?!!!...nevertheless he was as vocal as possible on all medium available as to why he chose the story. When someone does this repeatedly it becomes pretty obvious that their investment on the movie doesnt just stop with the intent but also have lot riding on it. Ditto for Maddy as well. This could probably be his comeback of sorts or what people call a second innings. Have had his fair share of running behind trees and since we are quickly running short on trees to run behind, our erstwhile chocolate boys who are well into their 40's have fast realized that to stay for a while they would need stories that suit them and in that sense Maddy has hit jackpot with this one. But this is more of a director/story writer's baby than his own. It would be unfair to credit Maddy alone for the movie, as he strives everytime, as its equally deserved by the heroine who is nothing short of a revelation. Be it her body language, the ease with which she dances in gay abandon to "machane" song, her flawless tamil lip synch and her portrayal of a brash tom boyish character unafraid to take on anyone will linger long after the movie ends. Maddy is almost unnoticeable as the lover boy he is known for which in itself deserves lot of kudos.

An underachieving sports person, reason for failure ranging from inner demons to external influence in the form of villains, an aspiring or uninterested prodigy, add to the mix some strong cameo characters and a climax showdown with villain, be it a fight against the one backed by him or a struggle against all odds victory, you got yourself your sports film. Iruthi Sutru toes the template diligently and scores handsomely in dialogues and music front.

Gils verdict: Decent movie. Worth a one time watch.


Ramesh said...

Are there movies which are verdicted as "many times watch" ? I suppose your review of a one time watch means average movie. What is your record for the bestest movie ever :)

gils said...

best movie ever na..hmmmm...pammal k sambandham, panchathanthiram, thenali, thillu mullu, thaavani kanavugal, indru poi naalai vaa, kanda naal mudhalaai...ithelaam numerous time watch :D

Ramesh said...

I have not heard of any of these movies. But that's probably not a surprise. Recommend one bestest movie Gilsu.

gils said...

i guess u wud've seen thillu mullu as hindi version of it "golmaal"
so my recommendation would be for panjathanthiram...sirichi sirichi stomach ache guaranteed