Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Miruthan - Review

Last week saw this movie - Miruthan. The first of its kind Zombie based tamil movie.
The theme being something that has never before been tried in Tamil or Indian cinema for that matter, it was very exciting to watch the movie. Hindi la long time back they had a zombie movie i guess which was more of comic caper(?) This being out and out Engleeez style story that was the major USP for watching it. More over the running time was just about 90 plus minutes was an added incentive. Enna thaan slow motionla story solirunthalum it would be fast apdingara nambikkaiyoda saw the movie.

Movie starts with one chemical being spilled on road and just like our kuppai lorry those guys doesnt bother to clean up the mess. One dog eats that chemical and becomes zombie dog or virally infected to be medically precise. Somehow those infected have the tendency to koravalaiya kadichify and immediately their face becomes as beautiful as our heroines sans make up. In the mean time, our traffic police hero hurriedly falls in love with lakshmi menon whom he catches for violating traffic rule. There is a mini Sharukh style love triangle of a story with her already being engaged and in love with that Vijay tv serial hero. Our hero as one cute thangachi who is kidnapped by the local MLA's goons on the very day the viral outbreak becomes epidemic and everyone in ooty are literally at each others throats. By the time our hero manages to rescue his sister from those viral zombies, they accidentally discover that the zombies are afraid of water. All this happens in 15 minutes. Adutha 65 minutes our hero shoots and shoots and shoots zombies from his hand gun which seems to have auto filling option. Evlo suttalum gaali aagavay illa. Kadisi ten minutes enna differentnu pakareengala..athu climax fight with a million zombies where our hero again suttufies, thanni oothifies and kaila kaalla kedaikara elathalyum adichifies the zombie and saves the heroine. In this fracas he gets bitten. Since his and his sisters blood are having super immunity before they become zombie the doctors find a cure of the virus. Aanlum paavam our hero has to be sacrificed so the heroine shoots him with her eyes closed. Kadisila per podrachay the hero is shown fully transformed into a zombie, riding to chennai on top of a bus with second part in making nu poattu movie gets over.

Gils verdict: Pechu marama fast script and strictly 90 minutes movie elaam vaasthavam thaan. Aaana antha 70 minutes of shooting at zombies remove panna mothamavay 20 minutes movie thaan ithu. Short filma you tubela release pannirukalam. Director film shooting apdingaratha literala eduthukitar pola!! Miruthan..romba siruthan in story. second partlyachum konjam kathai solunga boss.


Ramesh said...

Now this is a movie I must see for I shall "die" laughing :)

As always Gilsu' movie posts are educational. I now know the existence of Lakshmi Menon :):)

gils said...

Thala..athepdi karecta heroine name mattum thaan unga kannula paduthu!! :D