Monday, March 14, 2016

Room poattu yosichings :)

Does every action alone has an equal and opposite reaction or are they dependent on some other factors as well??!!

Consider this scenario.

The person whom you love and adore and cherish with all your heart, spits on you purposefully and repeatedly. What would be your reaction?

Suppose if they piss on you and stamp on your dresses with their stool stained feet, would you ever go near them?

If a mentally disturbed character or an unapologetically old person comes to your mind, you may be right to an extent but the thought process clearly establishes that you wouldn't want to relate them to yourselves but rather see them as people who need your help.

The moment i say, its your very own kid who did all this, i am sure it would create a smile on your face and the entire scenario is seen as a "cho chuveet" moment worth many an Instagram click.

The only norm in raising a kid is realizing that there is no such thing.

With devotees offerings ranges from tender coconuts to beer, cake to camphor and in extreme cases their own selves, bakthi often transcends the entire spectrum of human emotions and can never be restricted to conventional logic.

No wonder kids are equated with gods for when it comes to love or bhakthi, a parent is no less than a devotee, both of whom will go to any extent to please their loved ones.


Ramesh said...

Welcome to fatherhood Gilsu :)

gils said...

nanri thala..kadamai thavarathu ella postlayum comment..avvvvvvvvvvvv...