Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Work from Home

"Its 8.30 already..not going to office today" Uma asked Ram.
" working from home..client no calls" said Ram.
"Great..then handle the kid while we take care of cooking"
Before he could say anything, junior was sitting on his lap in all smiles and lifted both his arms ala Shahrukh Khan. He always smile when left with Ram because, he had already figured out that Ram was a sucker for his smile and would lift him to his shoulders.
Amma came from kitchen and was surprised to see him with Junior.
"Why are u still not ready? if you play with him now you will be late again to office and would be jumping on me as if my five minutes of cooking delayed you"
"No ma..working from home today..not going to office"
"Hmpf...if you had known it early couldnt you've told before. Atleast i would have done things slowly" Grumbling over the loss of a possible rest she went to kitchen.
"Do you know that he was not going to office today?"
"No ma..he told just now. Had he told yesterday itself would've been better right" sighed Uma.
"Yes. Now we've to change the menu again. Lets prepare a bit of rasam as well..all because of him working from home..." grumbling continues as mumbling.

The power goes off all of a sudden.

"What the...did that transformer burst again?"
"No ma..looks like its a scheduled power cut?" replied Ram innocently
"Scheduled!!?? you knew this already and didnt tell!!?? how do you think cooking happens..magic? how will we use the mixie now!!?? "
"Huh...if the EB guy cuts the power for maintenance..what will i do"
"i dont understand what do you guys read the whole time in news paper when you can't remember power shut down details"
Probably the EB god heard the silent prayer of Ram and power came back in few minutes.
"Whew..that was a close one!!" thought Ram.
"Uma...before the power goes again..finish all your work with mixie and grinder...thank god that power came back"
When asked how a motor runs in "3 Idiots" movie, sharmaan joshi does a similar imitation of the sound that emanated from kitchen. This one is apparently how the motor in a mixie dies.
"Ammaa..mixie repair"
Junior decides to join the party and started crying at the same time.
"Uma..he is crying"
"I am not deaf..can't you handle him for few minutes..all because of you only"
"you mean the junior" asked Ram (Remember "rangagalathulayum kuthugalam" adhey adhey) in mischief
"who asked you to take work from home option...because of that only all these happened. go to office..."
Mixie repair aanathukum current cutukkum WFH optionukum enna relationnu Ram Was still wondering, when he reached office the next day. The chillness of a/c welcomed him. The moment he opened his mailbox, there were a flood of mails asking for updates and reminders. His colleague asked
"enna machi..nethu wfh poatutu enjoya veetla"

WFH is a name..working from office is an emotion.


Ramesh said...

Oh, is that what happened Gilsu ?? Did you get fired on all fronts ? Poor Gilsu :):):)

At least it didn't happen that you were told to cut the vegetables, boil the milk, put the garbage out, .......... :)

Anonymous said...

Good one VSR - good one :)