Monday, February 29, 2016

12 Hungry men

"guys..we are going to have a movie session tomorrow..make sure you attend it"

The moment he saw the mail content he felt happy yet was confused looking at the sender. It was from the quality team.

"Movie session? guess another mokka presentation time..should give credit to these guys..they invent newer ways of putting blade" wondered Anil

"oru vela nejamavay nalla movieya iruntha?" queried Ram

"Not possible Ram..tell me one reason why would they"

"To spend "quality" time?"

"Ivanelaam edhala adikarathu?" nu Anil started searching while Ram escaped from that place.

Next day the entire team assembled at the conf hall.

"Machi..did you check that table? its full of chips and popcorn.."

"So? soru poatu mokka poda poraanga solla varia"

"Ilada nejamavay oru movie watching atmosphere they are creating"

"Folks..settle down quickly please..thank you all for making it to this meeting"

"Ennathu meetingaaaaa" whispered Ram heavily

"I can hear that sigh...its not your regular meeting...we are going to show you a movie and after that will have a short discussion session about it..more like moral of the story type"

"Which movie"

"Good..i am happy to sense the eagerness on the question. Its "12 Angry men"..anyone heard of this movie before?"

"I've seen them in person during appraisal meetings.."

"Was that Ram..."

He slipped down on his seat hoping not to get spotted in the darkened auditorium.

"Well...sounded like him i thought..actually his analogy was more or less linked to the theme..this is a classic movie that showcases negotiation skills like nothing else. Now without any delay lets watch the movie"

At cafteria:

The entire gang manages to locate a table for four which soon gets more chairs added and looks like a centipede in arrangement.

The lady who cleans the table in cafteria muttered to her colleague"wonder how each of them manage to eat from their own plate"

Suddenly there was a small commotion.

"Hey...thiruttu pasangala..where is my vadai" cried Priya

"haioaio..vada pochey"

"dei Ram..mariyathaiya thirudinatha return pannu..aprum unakku vairu valikanumnu saabam vitruven"

" can u be so sure naan thaan vadaiya thirudinennu"

" are munching one while there is one on your plate..elementary"

"mannangatti..this was given by Anil..he is avoiding oily avan vadaiye enaku donate panitaan"

"uhumm..i dont trust you..nee thaan sutrukka"

"again..wrong complaint...vadaiya suttathu caterer..naanilla"

"maganay vada ponathu kooda paravalla..un mokkaikagavay unna kollanum"

"hey..peace peace...ipo naama paathutu vantha padam situation pola illa ithu?" asked Anil

"Adhu oru padam..antha mokkaiya paathutu ipo relate vera panria..pity u dont like vadai..ilati ennodatha would've given to you" said Uma

"ilapa..antha padathula..there is a kid who is accused of murder and jury decides the verdict..inga ram is accused of stealing the vadai by Priya and we are how many..hmm...12 people in this naama en jury form panni verdict kuduka kudathu"

"eppa saami...enakku vadaiye venaam..aala vidu" said Priya

"ada..epdiyum unakku vadai kedayathu...why dont we let the jury decide" said Anil

"uhumm..sellathu sellathu..inga oru paya enaku vote poda mataan..elaam Priyaku support panvenga.." protested Ram

" do who would be Henry Fonda" asked Uma

"paakrathuku pudusa poricha bonda mathiriye irukarathala neeye antha role play pannikka...ammaa...en killara saniyene..seri...bonda aan paal nu feel panena..bondi ok?..aammaa...nee killi killi ratham kattiye en color karupadichi" complaind Ram

"Appovum nee adangara mathiri of the cast apdiye set whats the verdict"

"Ram thaan abes pannan..undoubtedly" declared Sid and the verdict was 11-0 in Priya's favor.

"Itha thaan naan apovey sonen...sellathu sellathu...ei Bonda...chee..Fonda..enakaga argue pannu..un negotiation skills paapom"

"enakku enna kedaikum"

"enakaga negotiate panna sonna en koodavay va...hmm..paathi vadai tharen"

"un oosi pona vadaiye neeye vachuka..dei Anil...did you see ram taking the vadai"

"he is like Lawrence in irumbukoattai murattu singam..when it comes to flicking vadai he is faster than his shadow..cctv camerala rewind panni chk panalama?"

" nee un vote sellathu...Sid..nee sollu"

"ithu Karunas comedy mathiri aaidum polarukkay...nee kelen nee kelen nu ellariyum poatu en paduthara...Priya..unakena vada thana venum...vaangarom..naalu vadai vangarom...ipothan citibanklenthu sms vanthuchu...personal loan only 29% with conditions podrom..vadaiya thookarom"

"aiiioo..raamaa...enaku vadaiye venaam saami...aala vidunga...oru video poatalum potaanga..ipidi kola veri pudichi alairingada saami..." runs Priya from that place.

"happada...enga naan thaan vadaiye saaptengara unmai avaluku terinjidumonu bayanthay poitten.." sollitu Ram starts to nibble the vadai.

Suddenly realizes that everyone on the table is watching him...

"lets give him few more minutes" says Sid..casually eating..

"oooh..Priya kochindu poitalla...sethenda inniki" saying which Ram rushes from his place to catch her.

"There it that the love birds are away..lets finish our lunch in peace.."

P.S: ithuku than trainingku movielam podapdaathu solrathu..


mahesh said...

Pindraan pa pindraan - kadhaiya pindraan :)

Uma nu oru character a introduce pannitu pinna frame la kammikaavey illai :)

Good one VSR :) Post this within CBC :)

Aishwarya Sundaresan said...

Aaga motham, office na movie, eating n chatting. :P jaaaliya irukael :D
Fun post as always :)

gils said...

guess it would be already coming in cbc blog roll

@garfield aish: eye keeping

Rajathilagam Velmurgan said...

indha team nalla iruke... :P

gils said...

:D:D vela pannalina ella teamum nalla team thaan :D