Monday, February 15, 2016

Tales from past

Suyama oru post poda idea varalaina enna pannanum ...sila pala saga bloggers post padichi.."inspire" aagi, antha idlya kothu barottava potra vendiyathay aaga vazhigalil saala siranthathu nu Aristotle sollirukaru. Eppo sonnaru epdi sonarunu kelvilam kekapdaathu.

CBC the CNBC of bloggers world, has/had come/came out with this topic of posting love letters on condition of anonymity. Kalyanam aanaprum intha anony binami perlalaam post poata Anjaan pada Lingu mathiri kathukitta motha viththaiyum mela irakkpadumnu sila pala symptoms terinjathala will try to stick to as close to the theme as possible bordering on risk.

For the regulars of this blog, if at all you've read any of those content labelled "stories" you would know that "Ram","Uma" and "Priya" are the lead characters in all my stories. There is a reason why i chose those names for they are simply the easiest to type. Had been posting mega serial posts stretching over 10 plus episodes when i started writing stories and having a character named Thiripurasundari or BalaSivaramakrishan is sheer strain on typing those names each time. Basically me a somberi u see. Have been asked/confirmed/confused/proved/disproved many a time that Ram is my alter ego. Charcterisations are something which are way too complex and way beyond my meager limits of writing. So invariably there would be some cross over between my real self and Ram, be it on the punctuality or bumbling nature border lining on confusion or putting mokkais, beyond which there is hardly anything to define that character. Whereas Uma and Priya are never ever a single person. There is a never a perfect person is my best belief. Everyone excel in some aspects and are a work in progress in many. Uma and Priya are like assembled PC's in that aspect, for they form the best of what i've seen around. Whatever characteristics impressed me in a girl and whichever i managed to remember, i tried to incorporate the same on those characters. Might sound cynical, but i was into diary writing big time and wanted to record those interesting people i met, yet not reveal their true identity. What started as a cryptic clue for myself to read and figure in future, took the form of stories as the situation panned out.

For re kindifying some upma post for the competition i read through some of those stories. To be honest, even myself cannot recollect many of those incidents that have been captured in those stories. But they are fun to guess, who could've been the person behind those stories. Past is such a comfortable period of time, where we can rub off everything and write afresh a new version every time. Not sure whether i would be able to manage an entry for the contest or not, but it felt nice revisiting those stories. So many memories :)

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Anonymous said...

I wish you wrote a romantic love letter for CBC. Contest or not. Would love to read it. Now going to the labels to read your earlier posts :)