Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weekend Movie Watch

Aranmanai 2 -  I wish i had written something about the first part so that it can be copy pasted here as review. If they can do to the movie, why not the review!! If you ever have this pathological compulsion to waste few hours of your life with no other better option, watch the movie. Else suffer in silence for wasting precious data pack on this muck of a movie. Trisha looks older than kovai Sarala. Her high maintenance makeup fails big time. Every one in the cast has a blink and miss role right from lead pair to the supposedly comic relief except for Sundar C who does all the fights, thrills and even becomes ghost and does the mandatory ghost dance with relish. Enpa..producer/director na enna venumna paniklamna apo micha peruku edhuthuku wastea kaasu kuduhtu padathula podanum!! Poor Sid. His looks reflects his wretched feelings of having delivered flops of what are really good stories. He simply is not lucky. Aga motha padam.. dhanda karumanthram.

Kathakali - Oru comedy scenala Singamuthu will ask vadivelu "Karuppa surutta mudiyoda kullama oru aal paathirukia"nu. He will be describing himself to vadivelu and will beat him when he says he has never met such a person. Translate that into a serious scene with murder as background you got this movie plot. From start to finish hero keeps crying that he didnt kill the villain only to convince everyone and in the end he is the killer eventually!! Ithu thaan twist. Idhuku nadula oru romantic track. The heroine from "Madras" movie reacts so slow that you can count the seconds taken between the dialog prompting and her delivery. So out of synch. Could've been a much decent attempt with a different cast and minus the unnecessary stunt scenes. Aga motham kathakali - kathai gaali.

Rajini Murugan - The reviews were unanimous in claiming that this was the better of the 4 movies that were launched on the same day and was declared a hit. Some even claimed that the hit combo of Siva and Suri rocked big time. Ithelaam nambi naanum padam paathennu thaan solla varen. Rajini Murugan padam pathavangalam varuthapadum vadikaiyalar sangam nu onnu start panna poratha kelvi. VVS padathula vittu pona micha socha scenes and story discussionla reject aanathu elathiyum korthu poatu padam panirukanga. Like Aranmanai 2 this is again a rubbish in guise of a new movie. If VVS clicked it was because of a perfect mix of multiple factors. Hero heroine chemistry, decent comedy in some scenes, moderately good songs and the fantasy factor over siva. Of the lot, keerthi reddy siva combo is the only one that passes muster. She seems to have taken over the title of dream doll of tamil cinema on her own and in chat shows behaves as if she has own miss world title. Konjam sumara iruntha podhum namma makkal kovil katiruvanga. Mathabadi moviela sollikaramathiri onnumila. Heroines father character is the only one that is interesting. Endingla vara double act ucha katta kodumai. Aga motham - Rajini murugan is a mokka piece of a movie. Tvla poatta pathukalam.


Asha said...

weekendla 3 moviesaa? overa theriyala? kuzhandaiya konjirukkalomolyo?? I liked Rajni murugan...after a long time, a light hearted movie parthen....she is keerthi nair not reddy. Btw i felt hers was down to earth acting and girl next door looks unlike the porcelain dolls.

Ramesh said...

I must protest. I read your movie reviews only to learn of the existence the likes of Trisha , Kovai Sarala and Keerthi Reddy. I am protesting against only 3 fair ladies being featured in the post - not adequate return for reading that three movies were absolutely hopeless :)

gils said...

@asha: antha heroine interviewla parunga...adutha olaga azhagi rangeku alatifying

@thala: hehee..neenga ipolam en post sports commentary also..pls start in 2016..neyar virupam