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The illusive green grass

The strange SMS from his friend few days back set him thinking.

Strange for two reasons. It being the first ever SMS in several years for he always picks the phone and talk secondly the formal tone of the message.

Sensing something he decided to call his friend.

"Ennada ivlo scena message vitruka..enachu"

"Nothingda..want to discuss about career change..yar kitayachum idea kekalam thonithu..since you change company like t shirts thought will check with you first"

"Bangam. Intha avamanam unakku thevaya poattu kalaai vaangikarathay velaya poachu unakku..bye"

"Dei...scene podama solla varatha kelu..."

"Koorum..koori tholayum"

"I've been with this company for over 8 years now"

"Adhaan oorukkay theriyumay..vaasalla unakku small size selai vaikka erpaadu nadakuthaamay"

"Solratha thavira ellam kelu..saniyane"

"Sollu sollu"

"I'vent got any promotion since past 4 years. Jump adikalamanu thinking"

"Hmm...what role you are playing?"

"PM for past 6 years..senior PM keten..thara maatengranga"

"Funny..i had applied for the same post in your company"

"Ada pavingala..internala select panama external option vitrukangala..idhunala thaan nalla resourcelam vitutu poranga"

"true...god only knows what basis they decide these things"

"per protocol..they should've kept the ijp open for sometime..internala qualify agalaina velila thedanum..enakku intha opening irkunnay theriathu"

"nee intha job id vachutu poi HR question panena..mokkaiya reason should've got top rating for past 100 years and there should've been a need  at that time and above all span of control athu ithunu technicala pesi kozhappi anupiduvanga...avlo pesariye velilenthu varavan oc laya varuvan..enna vida avanuku 30% neria kaasu tharanumayda na..adhuku badil sola mataanga"

"intha ulkuthu puriama thana ithana company jump adika vendiruku"

"But machi remember one thing..even if you get a decent would be starting afresh in your new org. and the immediate appraisal aapuraisal thaan..recenta vaangina hikea kanaku kaatiye would end up with more or less same salary for two years. And palla kadichikitu pazhaya kambenilaye would almost reach those numbers there itself. More over you have already invested so many years of your time there. Terinja environment..job satisfaction..ithelam have some implicit value that adds to your CTC la"

"True..for the sake of few thousands more..ithelam vitutu ponumanu thaan thonuthu..ivlo pesariye why you shift so many jobs"

"Ennoda reasoning konjam different..its not always for money and position..oru stageku mela vela pakra edathula oray mathiri velai bore adichiruthu..and antha velaya nammala vida kammi salaryku panna aal kedakum poathu it increases threat for your job as well..before someone dumps an inevitable change on you, forcing you to opt for something...naamalay namakku pudichatha thedikalamaynu thaan i jump jobs..this obviously is not the reason for all the jumps. Sila samayam personal life also dictates terms"

"Aama..santhadi saakula en companyku try panren sonna...ipo irukara velai enna prachana"

"mokkaiya iruku..nothing interesting..chumma ukkarathuku edacchum velai panlaamnu thaan"

"Avlo nallavana nee...seri..lets cut a deal..enaku neria velai iruku..i want to take a lighter load...unakku suthama velai ila so u want to engage in naama en namma velaya swap panika koodathu..enna nee refer pannu..unna naan refer panren"

"done deal..aana machi...inga vanthutu ithu sarila adhu sarila..ithelam terinjum enda refer pannanulam thittapdaathu...its an ok place to work"

"ditto for me too...athennamo oruthanum avan vela paakra edatha pathi urupadia onnum sola matengaran..everyone thinks the other company is better!!!"

"companiesum apdithaana yosikaranga..velilenthu vanthu oru one hour interview clear panravan adhi budhi saali and he can be paid handsome ransom..aana koodavay irunthu kann munnadi velai pakravanuku kudukka kasakkum..its all in the game"


mahesh said…
Happy Wedding Anniversary - Awaiting a post on how kalyanam affected Gils - thatthuvams, pithuvams, pithamahams - sundara purushan moments, epic bulb moments - all truth - no holds barred humour post!

Wishing the two Vs and the little prince all the very best as always :)

Ramesh said…
Gilsu - you really must change your profession altogether. Company ellam vidappa. Kollywoodill kathai, vachanam, direction position vacant .......
gils said…
@mages...danke..guten tag :D

@thala: avvvvvv...y thala y?

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