Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tale of two Countries

If at all there was ever a movie made with countries formation as subject, these two would give any of Manmohan Desai's seperated at birth stories a run for their bollywood money.

Both the countries were born out of bloodshed and partition. Almost at around same time.
Both the countries are surrounded by oil rich nations while in a cruel luck of fate they barely have any source of Crude in their own land.
Both countries have been involved in so many wars since formation. While one has been victorious in almost all its wars, the other has officially never been declared a winner.
Both are involved in proxy war with their neighbours.
While one of them is officially branded a terrorist state by international community unanimously, the other, despite following a similar approach towards fellow nations, has often been pardoned by the world community, if not by heart, atleast in letter.
Both share generous patronage of Uncle Sam.
Both are forever prone to terror attacks and strikes.
While both had clandestine nuke programs, one was forced its hand by its neighbour while the other is about to experience the same. Will be interesting to note its reaction.
Both the countries are ruled by hardwingers from both flanks.
Finally, both are not secular nations, with both their religions often at epicenter of havoc and chaos and their religions couldnt be at any farther a distance in a religious spectrum. Guess what, even with their cultures being poles apart, the people of both countries, with their long flowing beards and skull caps, are almost similar in their attire and getup.

Welcome to Israel and Pakistan - the enfant terrible twins of world politics. In past 6 decades or ever since their formation, hardly has a year gone by without a mention about either of these two, but rarely for the right reasons. There similarities couldnt be anymore striking than their differences. If holocaust claimed 7 mill. Jews throw in a mill. more who were killed due to various other wars and terror acts, the partition of '47 claimed several times that count and several more mill. are left unaccounted for. Probably, in the chronological order of human devastations, partition of '47 would be the bloodiest, even more than both the world wars put together.

While the world community always views the misdeeds of Israel with a touchpoint to holocaust, Pak never had that advantage with its only leverage being the dragon country, forever trying to contain the sleeping elephant.

Their history couldnt be any more similar alongside their geographies. But the future of world as a community is hanging by the mere thread of the sanity of these two. They are those powerkegs which can destroy the world, yet at the same time, contribute towards THE most cohesive world body if their differences can be put aside. For the concept of One world to survive, these two younsgter countries should mature fast in their approach towards their neighbours and push for peace rather than trigger.


Ramesh said...

Interesting viewpoint and comparison. Yes, there are some similarities between the situation of the two countries, although there are differences as well. But your broad perspective is interestingly put. Indeed the world would be a far better place if these two would become oceans of peace and goodwill.

gils said...

Amen to that