Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Review time - DeMonte colony

What is the definition of a standard horror thriller movie?

Bunch of friends, including a couple, who in all probability will be the lead pair. There will be one haughty and arrogant character who would be forever at odds with a meek one of the group. No one would know why such an arrogant ass whom no one likes sticks to the group, yet he would be the last but one person to die in the end. There would be an annoying female who would be there just to bring up the glam quotient in the movie and to die in the most horrible and inventive of ways. There would be one mysterious personality who would be forever carrying some dubba secret, only to reveal it in the end and die or incase if he is the lead character would outwit the ghost, only to be killed by a screaming truck as the name rolls begin on the screen. And yes, there would be rain. Somehow, its not a horror movie, if not copious amount of precipitation happens, either in the form of rain or blood or sweat or whatever else you are thinking. Peilaam summerla winterla varaathu pola. Needless to say after all this build up that, DeMonte colony breaks every single one of the cliché mentioned above.

Offlate, tamil movie directors have taken a fancy for horror comedy which are basically comedy movies for 3/4th the time only to have an emotional flashback and mandatory pei dance where the lead character kills the villain and then subam card is shown with a hint of possible sequel, depending upon the box office collections. Firstly, kudos to the director of Demonte colony for breaking this trend and coming up with an out and out horror thriller. When I was watching the movie, the only thing that stuck me scene after scene into the climax was, how the heck he would've narrated the story!!!! WOW. Unpredictable is hardly the word to define. Guess, the screenplay crew would've sat down and written all possible combinations, chosen the most generic option possible and framed every single second of it in opposite!! Its unimaginably original. Unwaveringly faithful to the theme and is unabashedly creative!! It runs just over 2 hours time and majority of the movie happens within a room!! Over 3/4th of the movie involves just 3 people talking terror stricken to each other within that room!! There was only one song in the movie that too comes right at the beginning when the characters were getting established. Rain makes a mandatory appearance, as per horror movie norms, but more as a character.

I've begun to like Arulnithi for his sheer knack of choosing his scripts. Coming from the DMK stables, he always carries the prejudice of many. But barring his first 2 movies, almost all his movies have been noteworthy and stand out scripts. Be it Mounaguru or Oru kanniyum Moonu kalavaniyum, his effort shines. He appears really psyched and scared and so are the other three folks which brings authenticity to the proceedings. The strength of the story is in its originality where I believe, even the actors appear unaware of what happens next. There is a hint of things to happen and it changes and there is a twist which is again climaxed by another and it goes on and on. It spooks the thrill out of the audience not knowing how it will end. The anti-climax is the best and only possible result for such a movie where the ghost wins in the end and of course everyone dies gruesomely. Had the movie been trimmed by few more minutes and made bit more racy by avoiding repeat of same scenes, it would've been an fantastic one. This is probably the best horror thriller for 2015 with a long way to go till the year to end.

Gils verdict: Must for horror movie buffs. A really spooky one in tamil in a long long time.


Ramesh said...

Lots of questions

- There is something called a horror comedy movie ?

- They give names like DeMonte Colony to Tamil movies these days ?

- A Tamil movie can end in 2 hours ?

Pity it is on a horror theme , which I hate. Else after reading this review I would have gone and seen the first Tamil movie for me after the one we saw together a few years ago !!


gils said...

yes thala..horror movie sollitu oray the kaamedi pannings...
neenga ketaprum than strike aaguthu..tamil title vacha thaan tax exempt..demonte colony appo tamizh pera??/
and yes neria padam ipolam under 2 hrs no big fan of horror movie

but ithu chancelaa..give it a try..oru pakka short story in movie format