Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Invisible invaders

Avvvv...epdilaam title vachu kadaiya oatta vendirukku.

Trigger for this post originated from "Great zoo of China" book by Matthew Reilly - an author who is a shameless masala story writer. All his novels will have adrenalin pumping action sequences and even nukes can't kill his lead characters..seriously!!! Two chapters into the novel it was clear that its a cheap take on Jurassic park. Replace dinosaus with dragon the rest of the story fills by itself. Infact, in the QnA section at the end, he himself had confessed the same and had pointed out how different his novel is from Crichton's version by highlighting the variance. To his credit, he was openly critical about China and its policies and was never ambiguous in his remarks. One such remark triggered the cue for this post - the reason why China would be the right country to form the dragon zoo and his justifications.

Its common knowledge that whatever US does China wants to do it, cheaper if not better. They hosted the costliest ever olympics with a spectacle that would awe the aliens. Chinese are the equivalent of brute force algorithm, who can get things done, without any heed to the consequences. Its this singular point of China trying to play catchup with US that was the sole noteworthy aspect about that otherwise mokka book. For a country that is already displacing US from the game of economic throne, why would it still be viewed with doubt and suspicion by the whole world? Russia for all its nuke might, failed to compete successfully against the Americans. They matched them spy for spy, even went oneup on space race. Still lagged behind on one area - promotion. Americans, if not anything are world leaders in marketing and sales. Else how can one explain an operating system that was nothing better than a trial version beta software, sold world over and customers became real time testers of that software. Gates gate crashed into IT induestry through his Windows sheerly by the strength of his marketing and sales team. Like a smitten fan, China relentlessly follow the American model and they've taken notes on where the Russians failed. The PR arm of PLA is as strong if not stronger than its standing army.

Situated several thousands of miles away, separated by every single ocean and mountain, without firing a single shot or setting a soldier on loose, Americans have invaded every single inhabited land scape with their culture. What was Vada Paav to common man was rebranded as Burger and knowingly they were sold a dummy. Worst being Jumbo king chains, aping the Big M, patenting the same old paav. Had they came up with the idea prior to MacDee setting foot in Mumbai, it would've been a fight to finish. For a country that is half filled with immigrants, they teach the world fashion. If size zero is proclaimed the in thing, the rest of the fashionistas starve themselves to death. Vellaiya iruakaravan poi solla maattaannu not just us, the entire world believes. For China or India (with luck and pluck) to displace America as the superpower, its not enough if we steal their jobs or become the manufacturing hub or build more planes and ships and nukes or consume more electricity or the least of all make high budget movies. Rather than following every single thing they do, these two should take only leaf from their book - marketing. With civilizations aging from stone age till present, there is not a thing that India or China hasnt seen that a 300 year old country has. Having a higher GDP is temporary, but making a mark in world stage and creating the belief that we mean business..well..with right amount of confidence and cunning, its easily doable.

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