Monday, June 15, 2015

Review time - OK kanmani

A while back i had posted a review about this movie which i hadnt seen at that time and had mentioned that it was a comment on the lifestyle prescribed by the story rather than on the movie itself. Now that i've seen that movie, after numerous pauses and breaks, padatha pathiyum oru naalu vaarthai post panalaamnu thaan :)

Shabbba....innuma mudialaaa...was the feeling when the movie was nearing climax, if at all it had one!! Motha padamum name roll scrollerla vara cartoon solliduthu. Rest of the scenes are mere fillers. Romantic stories are mostly fantasies where the cutest looking heroine falls for the hottest guy. The kind of conversations they've are possible only in la la land. Kandathum Kaadhal ok. Kondathum Koodal is stretching the non existent logical thread a wee bit too far. Even in Romedy now movies, they take a while before jumping into bed. A commitment phobic couple starts a live in relation on a rented accomodation, run by a ultra committed elderly couple and finally end up getting married. Ashtey storylu.

First scenela heroine attempts suicide. Ennada matter paatha, ex-lover was into her for her money and athunala manasu udanju she attempts tharkolai. I guess intha mathiri oru padam nadikka accept pannathu kooda reasona irukalam. ARR claimed he used fillers for the hit song "Mental Manadhil" without waiting for Vairamuthu, in his absence. Probably Mani did the same with the screen play. Without waiting for a story to form, he signed up, yuppy looking Dulquer and yummy looking Nithya Menon. Did a few candid shots of them roaming Mumbai rain drenched on  bike and jeep. Suddenly realises he needs someone to do the senti scenes and ropes in Prakash raj and Leela Samson. Guess Leela's character, suffering from alzheimer, is reminiscent of how Mani felt while making the movie. Paathi neram she gets lost in Mumbai traffic only to be rescued by the lead pair. Kadisila they run out of areas for her to get lost or probably Nithya Menon would've said the same to Mani and the movie ends in subam with the lead pair getting married. Dulquer looks hyper in every single romantic scene, probably the carryover effect of signing up for a Mani movie. But looks confused towards the end as to is this what he signed up for!! Prakash raj paavam...has that "baaeee" look all throughout, wondering naan paatukka sivanaynu thaanda irunthen..enna edhuku ithula maati udreenga.

ARR-Mani combo usually strikes big time in songs and are mostly visually stunning if not arresting. Intha padathula you dont even realise when they come and when they go, but the movie goes on forever. May be to over repent for showing pre marital "matter" scenes as an acceptable practice amongst youths, Mani makes the commitment phobic couple, not just marry, but also have 2 kids in the end. Just to avoid any further damage to the image market of the lead pair, all these happens in cartoon form.

Mothathula, enna solla varaanganna, kalyanathuku munnadi enna venaa aattam podalam. Kalyanamaya venaamnu kooda sollalam..matter pannalam. Kadisila samsara sagathula vizhunthu thaan aganum enbathay kathai surukkam.

Gils verdict: Vijay tvla poatta paaka try pannunga, unless no other good movie is playing parallel on other channels.


Ramesh said...

I refuse to comment on movie reviews of yours unless the good lady adds in her opinion too :):)

Bhargavi Gopalakrishnan said...

I havent watched this yet, but I felt the "shabbaaa... innuma mudiyala" emotion for Uttama Villain! Sigh.

gils said...

lol..thala..she wouldn't watch 2 seconds into the movie. Hated it outright :D
@kuruvi..heyy...hows u...hws berica land :D