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After a long time a review post :)
Have been on a movie watching binge since year beginning. Not many merited a review.

"Ai" was a huge disappointment. "Ennai arinthaal" was ok sorts with too much similarity with "Kaakha Kaakha". "Isai" ranged from intriguing to an irritatingly stupid end. "Kaaviya thalaivan" was more of "Keviya thalaivan" with everyone crying their hearts out. Decent attempt. But bad story telling. "Khaki Sattai" brings brand Sivakarthikeyan down to earth, if not any lower. Its neither action oriented nor comic. Anirudh suffers from law of averages with only 3 of thes songs making the cut, unlike his previous album level chartbusters. "Enakkul oruvan" sounds promising. Planning to watch it soon.

"Tamizhukku Enn ondrai azhuthavum" had a hollywoodish premise, with solar storm knocking off cellphone signals and how two events get tied to the savant heroes attempt to revive cellphone network in that area. The screenplay was sloppy to say the least. No sense of urgency for a thriller subject. Bindhu Madhavi looked so uninterested that her role and dubbing felt as if mixed from some other movie's shots. Except for one song, rest were pathetic. Despite all this, just for the sake of a novel premise, the movie merits a watch. Hope they remake it in other languages with better screenplay.

If there had been ever an audio, that has set the curiosity level right up there for the movie, that would be Uttama Villain. Pity that the audio launch turned out to be yet another Kamal worship event with Ghibran hardly finding a mention. There was a big confusion on who is the director of the movie till Ramesh Arvind picked the mike. Everyone were going overboard on how great Kamal was, is and will remain. Coming back to the reason for the event - the audio. What stands out in that playlist is that, except for 2 songs which have direct lyrics and are "normal" movie songs, rest are all situation based and story based. Meaning, at the time of recording, i really doubt if those scenes were even shot and the composer has to literally imagine the situations and do the song. And the best part is, they are literally stories and not sraight forward lyrics. To make matters even difficult, they are told in typical "VilluPaattu" style. Your options couldnt be more restricted as a composer. Yet, Ghibran does a neat job of it.

"Iraniyan kathai" has typically kamal lyrics. They are more of alliterating prose than poetry, yet they definitely strike a chord, literally and figuratively. Guess this song might carry the famous "Thayyam" makeup which is publicized on the promos. My pick of the lot is "Uthaman kathai". The story is way to intriguing and interesting and hope the song/situation make a compelling watch to do justice to the music. "Mutharasan kathai" sounds like a continuation of "Uthaman kathai" and almost has a Vikram betal story kind of a concept. Very curious to watch its picturization.

Friends recommended "Tamarind city" -  a book about Chennai. For a non-chennaiite it may not mean much. But its a treasure for anyone who is born and brought up in the city. Amazingly simple language and has a easy connect. Been reading "Monsoon" by Wilbur Smith. Almost a 1000 page big and till halfway through its fairly engaging a novel. Typical masala one, but good timepass.

Ippothaikku avlothaango :) Appalikka comings.


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