Friday, March 20, 2015

Ordinary world

In search of a life less ordinary has always been THE quest of many.
Does ever they take a pause to ask why not an ordinary life?
Read somewhere that, if every kid is bred to grow as engineer and doctor who will clean the streets? If all are trained for captain, who will be their crew?
Is it that parents want their kid to aim high so that, even if they falter they wouldn't fall apart?
Every year millions of kids appear for board exams. Several hundred thousands of them appear for colleges.
Those who take up engineering courses, does every one of them plan to become a civil engineer and construct dams or apartments?
Those who take up medical courses, does every one of them really become a specialty surgeon?
Those who take up commerce and arts group, does every one end up an economist or a professor?
As a society, we never even bother about those who come second, leave alone those who are much farther behind.
With majority of them being moderate to mediocre what happens to that crowd? That whole lot of faceless "under achievers", on whose sanity rests the security of the world of super achievers.
Who will clap for those who stand away from the podium and not on it?
Even in movies, the main villain is described in detail. His henchmen are restricted to just killing the enemies or getting beaten or killed by hero. What about their life? When the main villain gives them an order to kill someone, what will go through the mind of  those mercenaries? No one bothers. For they are neither good enough to be a hero, nor bad enough to be a villain.
A famous statistical quote says, 98% of the world uses what the remaining 2% invent and innovate. If the mediocre, rather "ordinary" majority, continue to dwell in their ordinary existence, not paying any heed to the brainy developments of the toppers, will their achievements still be cherished as much?
The most pressurizing quote I've ever read is that, everyone has their own hidden talent which they need to tap. What if there is no talent in me? Can not having any talent be my specialty??

The post was at first without a title. As if right on cue, this song by Duran Duran played on mind and hence the title and here are the lyrics :)

Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue
Thought I heard you talking softly.
I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio
Still I can't escape the ghost of you

What has happened to it all?
Crazy, some'd say,
Where is the life that I recognize?

But I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world,
Somehow I have to find.
And as I try to make my way, to the ordinary world
I will learn to survive.

Every world, is my world
I will learn to survive
Any world, is my world
I will learn to survive



Asha said...

So many thoughts and questions in your post...i want to answer them one by one but am unable to see your post while will make a comment on one thought of yours.

First or second, if a child is hardworking and sincere he/she should be appreciated.

I believe failures too can make a mark in this world,don't we know of so many leading examples but adhukkaga somberithana padikkama mark vangama last vanda one can't clap and appreciate such people but inspite of efforts if a child fails or stands to lose, he or she should definitely be encouraged and appreciated.

What you need to survive in this world is not marks but smartwork, guts and confidence...remember Dhanush dialogue "confidence boss...confidence"

Asha said...

I liked the last verse of the lyrics. so positive. nice pattu:)

gils said...

somberithanam never qualifies as failure. Athu crime. Failurenaalay ..trying something and not as good as someone who is on top of it apdingara arthathula sonen. effort thaan appreciate pannaumay thavira resulta mattum illa. romba kashtapattu padichu pass mark vangaravan is no less sincere than easya purinjindu first mark edukaravan.

Vincy said...

Evalo Questions ore postle?

These questions have gone through my mind several times. I have no answers for a lot of questions.

on a side note, Kashtapattu padichu pass mark vangravanum, easyaa purinju first mark vangaravan same
aannu ketta enakku theriyadhu.. aana all of them land up in the same kuppai - IT organisations ;-) :-)

gils said...

lol...that kuppai koodai was the trigger point for this post :d wonder where would we all be if not for IT service industry boom