It all started ten years to this date 22nd March. 700 posts!!! Yosichi paakavay weirda irukku :) When I started wasn't even sure if this concept of blogging will remain for 10 years. Like many new start up ideas thought it will fade out and either way wanted to record my "precious" mokkais in written form. Sila pala pazhiya postslaam padikarachay, in the course of it, I loose track of who even wrote it!! Avlo difference in thinking between now and then. Ippo matured irukena..illa is it happening in reverse I wouldn't know :) From a machine like routine of a post every 5 days..it has boiled down to a slow now.
Hope I can push the number for few more posts :) Like everything else, this too shall pass :)


Asha said…
700 and 10 years !!! That's an elite club gils!! I am sure very few are there. Congratulations and may you reach 7000 quickly. Wow! Take a bow!!
Swaram said…
Congratulaions :D
viddev said…
congrats! and keep writing :)
teerthadanam said…
Good job VSR :) I liked the previous post a lot -- romba informal aa irukaradhum nalladhu illai. We are what we are nu solrdahuellam easy, but when our actions have ramifications on those around us, those who have placed their trust on us, then it is perhaps time to change ourselves and look at our-selves from their perspective.

Happy blogging and welcome to the 700 club :)
Ramesh said…
Fantastic Gils. You are truly a member of an elite club. Nice that you are back blogging now. Don;t dare go away :)
Vincy said…
700 posts averaging around 70 posts a year. Thats commendable. Bloggers like you are inspiration for sloppy bloggers like me. Stay on and continue to inspire.

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