Friday, March 06, 2015

Fault in our stars

Nirbaya is back with vengeance. Pen paavam pollathathu nu summava sollirukaanga. The entire news media, that were after the World cup, will have field day for weeks to come. Watch out for those sadhvis and maulvis grasping for their share in the sun. Tongues will be let loose with all possible crap comments ruling the air.

Should the docu be banned or not has been the universal topic. So oru post poda vasathia me the also choosing the same.

My 2 cents. I don't understand the purpose of the docu at all !! Other than giving the rapist an opportunity to paint a sad story about himself, which him being an ass screwed up big time, I couldn't figure out any other plausible reason. It also aired specific comments by those sadistic people which would spice up the content. To make matters worse, they let out the name of that poor girl!! Probably, the government deciding the ban it only made matters worse.

The reason why BBC chose the Nirbaya incident to showcase the mentality of Indian men begs many a question. The only justification I could think of is the gruesomeness of it and the media attention and public outcry it generated. Other than that, its just a shameful attempt by BBC to make quick fame out of stirring up the controversy. By taking this docu, they've diluted the topic from finding a solution to address this social stigma and have only succeeded in sensationalizing it. I seriously think, had he had any sense, he could've churned up a sob story of potential child abuse and how his past changed his life blah blah blah..the opinion about the incident could've taken a different tone as well !!

I will quote an example as to why I consider this docu a waste. When the travel advisory for my org was released, I was shocked to see the content for India. They had warned foreign women against taking tours alone or even walking out alone after dark and also warned of possible molesters!!! It was so shameful to read the mail. When we travel abroad, our folks also warn us to be careful. But when it comes as a corporate communication, it only goes to show the kind of image MNC's have about our country. And with all those tourists getting abused and killed making headlines its definitely not helping our country.

One question posed to the convict is what we all should ask ourselves. What caused the incident? If I hear one more person commenting on the dress code for women as a reason, kooli padaiya evi vittachum avangala poattu thalliduven. What causes such incidents begs a deeper introspection. Is it lack of education? doesn't look like. These incidents shockingly abound schools. Is it money? Don't think so. Both elite and ezhai apart, they've been party to these gruesome acts. Is it sheer hormonal urge? Castration could be the solution here. If dogs deserved it, these people are no better. Considering that one of the rapists was a juvenile, its even more worrying. Is it where our society is heading to?

The last question raises lot of alarms in me. In times when we've less women to men ratio, with survey after survey stating how majority of men folks of marriageable age are not finding spouses, with women taking huge strides on what were considered to be male bastions, could the male ego on the run be a possible cause? Looks more like it. I strongly believe, our movies reflect the current society's scenario be at any given point of time. One look at the number of crass sexist songs and the responses that they generate on theaters would cause a conscious cringe. The stories encourage the youth of today to drink and molest women. TASMAC has become an all important character in any tamil movie. In no way I am passing the blame to cinema alone. But such acts are daily affairs in real life which emboldens people to commit these heinous crimes.

To protect another girl from becoming Nirbaya, these kind of incidents have to be condemended, criticized, attacked and punished at every avenue possible. Be it on media or on real life, irrespective of the age/gender/societal status. Else, this would be just another media hyped news which will die away into dust at the sight another sensational news.

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Asha said...

That sick creature sitting in jail on a death row for 3 years, challenges and threatens the entire society and women in particular, and all the govt. can do is ban the film!!!? God... I feel ashamed of our politicians

Your question on why the docu was made. The filmmaker says because the world was interested....i feel it is just to defame India.

whatever, the whole news is sickening and disgusting...that i almost puked when i saw that sick man's advice to women and why he killed nirbhaya. Not even fit to be in an asylum.

i could go on....why so many cases of rape...because some insecure men are not able to tolerate the success of women.Did'nt he say that women should never venture out after dusk and restrict themself to kitchen...disgusting thoughts.