Tuesday, March 03, 2015

So what?

So what if Mufti makes a mockery of the central government of India?
So what if Mother Theresa was actually concentrating on conversion and helped people as part time?
So what if Amma bhakths make a mockery of worship and devotion and sully places of worship?
So what if kalaignar tv declares hindu religious occasions as "just" holidays and not by their name?
So what if Aameer's PK or Ulaganayagan mocks your beliefs unapologetically?
So what if Ajith Kumar's second baby's birth is front page news in Times of India?

Keep calm and watch world cup.
Adha vida mukkiyamaana vishyam naatula edhuvum illa.
We won't give it back and we won't give a damn for anything else.


Vincy said...

Yes Gils, we wont give it back. Muakka Muakaa :-) :-)

Asha said...

evlo per kilambi irukkenga inda madiri....nattula irrukara Class X and class XII board exams..enga kavalai engalukku.Huh!

gils said...

who is john galt? :)

Vincy said...

@ asha, All the best for your sons exams. I know how it is. just got over the exam heebie jeebies :-)

Asha said...

Thank you Vincy:) nice of you to wish. I was just needling gils through that comment. Noworries here. pretty cool, just engaged with my son.

Ramesh said...

So what if Mrs G is not reading this blog and commenting .......

Actually we are much disappointed :)