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Wish list 2014

If wishes were horses...well I would've lot of stable full of horses. That many wishes I got.

First in the list is AAP. ada..aappu ileengo..Aam admy party. The word aadmi has been purpose fully misspelt. I am a staunch believer that India would be better served only under dictatorship. And that should be me is an open hidden agenda:D:D We need to be ruled. Sorry. One correction. We yearn to be ruled. We need someone to spell out things for us. We need heroes to protect us from disease to demons. We always look up for some messiah and have hopelessly high expectations on them. We forget and forgive the scoundrel leaders and would give up on them and their misdeeds quicker than the number of chances that we give for scrupulously clean common people. Our aam aadmis are always "adimai"s and wouldnt allow the yoke to be lifted off them. And this is where AAP's role is going to face its biggest challenge. More than Congress and BJP trying to topple it, its detractors knew that it would collapse on the weight of its own expectations. Suddenly every single citizen of Delhi has become an auditor of the government and forgotten are the days when their "elected representatives" who were unreachable. Every single move of AAP and its members are under scrutiny and given the breed of cynicists that we are, people are just waiting for that "I-know-that-they-will-fail" moment. It makes the job of a person, hoping against hope that he would be as good as he claims to be, to deliver on his promises. If AAP fails that would be the last straw. If AAP wins it would be the real dawn. I don't need to wait till December. Given the rate at which people and opposition are bullying, either AAP will manage to succeed on its promises only to irk erstwhile incumbent, who would topple the government when it becomes too hot to handle or it would go the way of all other "illustrious" predecessors before it. Time will tell for sure. And its running fast.

Romance in movies is second on my list. I sincerely, seriously, furiously with religious fervour hope and demand that, there shouldn't be any more romantic comedies for tamil cinema for next 2 years. Government should infact declare tax breaks for directors who could conjure any other genre other than this. There should also be a ban (tax break sop sounds a juicier carrot) on movies which dwelve on or anywhere near TASMAC, even for a reference. I am sick and tired of all those crap that has been raking in the moolah at BO movie after movie. How much ever the critics pan it, even those crappiest of lot continues to rule BO for reason best known to the movie watching public. I really want to see some interesting themes and genres being tried and hopefully 2014 should set the tone.

If I am a Charles Dickens book, I would be "Great expectations". I am planning on major personality changes for this year. And I hope 2014 gives me opportunities towards that goal :)

Wishing you all wonderful times ahead :)


Ramesh said…
Oye Gilsu . Her's a better solution - Stop watching Tamil movies :):):)

Please don't make "major personality changes". We like our Gilsu just the way he is. Unless he fair lady is demanding change .... :)
teerthadanam said…
May 2014 take you to greater heights of success - as you commence a new innings in your life in February may joy, good health and lots of sunshine come into your life :)
Asha said…
A celebratory year for you, let me wish you at the outset.

'May you be blessed all through the year with happiness and health and may all your wishes come true :)

aaprum ippo commentikaren.

1) Here's also wishing let SV be the dictator of your life. Enjoy the dictatorship:)

2) you don't talk about Rom-com and BO hits( angrily) . You toldnnu i watched kalayana samayal...adavida dabba padam naan parthadey illai.microscope vecchi thedina kooda ... Rom- illa com-illa, semma 'Bokwas' padam.

3) innum change agirdukku enna have already changed.
BTW who is your inspiration from GE? Pip or Havisham. ( appada, schoola padicchudu innum nyabgam irukku)

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