Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Every time I walk on the madaveethis of Mylapore, I feel the anniyan in me boiling with rage. Wish I have a bulldozer handy so that I can run over all the encroachments. By which I mean, every single store that has set shop, their free parking customers, on-vehicle bargainers, mid of the road pookadais and vegetable kadais, autowalas who abandon their VMD(vehicle of mass destruction) anywhere they care to urinate at any place of their want -be it school compound or temple or even garbage dump. The world is the urinal for them. The shops on the other side, jewellery section, are no saints either. Being the richer lot, they've extended their rule in concrete by stretching their stories right onto the sidewalks. The day is not far when they take over the entire stretch as their own and the paithiakaara poor pedestrians might be banned as trespassers on their own pathways. Every time I cringe when I am ordered out of the footpath on to the main road. And every time I crib here in blog about the same. I am clueless how to take this matter with whomsoever its concerned. In all probability that "whomsoever" might well be on their payrolls for being so "unconcerned". May be we should all form a sect called streetizens where each one should take care of their street and protest against any encroachment starting from their own self. Every one should take a pledge that they wouldn't buy a vehicle till they have a place of their own to park. Every one should understand that those who walk on the roads also are in a hurry to reach their destination and just because they are not on a vehicle, doesn't mean that they can be bumped off the map of earth. It must've been the umpteenth post in past several months I've polambified on the same topic. The more I write about it, I wish someday some meaningful idea forms to tackle this menace. Apdi unga yarukachum idea iruntha seekrama implement pannungappa. Intha traffic tholla thaangala!!!

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Asha said...

inimaydaan neria shopping pannanum thambi neenga. adhukku vasadiya irukkum indha shops ellam.

So, samayam parthu don't start the campaign.ellam unga nanmaikku daan.paavam avungalum(pavement shops) pozhaichu pogatum.