Friday, February 14, 2014

Sinkaatha Shippu

A guy n a gal were friends
Both had partners who initially were unmindful of their friendship
But as they still indulged in each others life much to their chagrin of their partners,
always having stories and anecdotes and little secrets to share and laugh and
often enjoying within themselves,
it all came down to whose affection was stronger.
one fine day their partners having enough of this relation, which they couldnt
quite agree as "just friends" gave them an ultimatum - to choose between the
They felt insecure on a relationship quadrangle where they also wanted to be
part on equal footing
They demanded time for their own, so that they will also have stories to share
They wanted the undivided attention of their spouses
They wanted to be the first person in their love list
The friends realised the logic on their request and
decided to take a break from each other
They wanted the world to realise that
even if they stay away from each others life
friends don't need to be on constant touch to
retain their friendship
Its that one unique relation in the whole wide world
which is so pure that it cannot be defined
Their partners were happy with the arrangement and
when they realised even when not in touch
the friends remained as happy as they were before,
they realised its not the presence or absence
that makes a relationship but the sheer love for each other
which transcends all space and boundaries.
There is a little bit of love in every friendship
If there could be an equal amount of friendship
in every relation formed of love,
world would surely be a better place.
If at all the aliens decide to invade us,
it may not be for the minerals
but for this beautiful mind set called friendship.

Happy valentines day :)


Raji said...

Sooper! Well written

Asha said...

D-day nearing and on a blog marathon....