Sunday, January 19, 2014

Veeram - Review


That's how I feel to write posts nowadays and also that's what I felt after watching the movie.

Same old stunts, same old villain , same old tricks, same old hero worshipping crowd and really old Ajith. Ageing gracefully is one thing, but repeating the same get up movie after movie is blehhh. The USP of the movie was Ajith in rural role. He does look majestic on vella vetti vella sattai, with his trademark dapaanguthu dance steps for saavu melams. Whistle sound must've blasted many an ear drums on theaters. There are several pakka masss scenes written for target audience. Especially the tender quotation scene and the one in swing. Apart from those two, nothing else is noticeable in the movie. Tamanna..avvvv....ennachu antha kozhanthaikku. She looks whiter than before in a dumber than ever role of her career. Ajith's brother quadrants make up for the slots usually donned by friend gumbal in city based stories. And the story itself is almost 30 40 years old. Its a pakka remake of "Murattu Kaalai" minus the kaalai and ofcourse Rajini. Songs...duh..lesser said the better. DSP has become DTP of his own hit songs of yesteryears. Hyderabad's Harris Jeyaraj could well be his title.

Gils Verdict: Veeram is less on valour and more of Ajith.

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Ramesh said...

However, same old Gilsu, in same old shtyle, writing same old blog, is wonderfully interesting and not boring at all. So , more of the same, please :)