Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Letter to a friend

Dear Ananth,

I remember the first time I met you in office. I though what a haughty guy!! You sounded arrogant and had an all assuming air about you. Within matter of days I kicked myself correct. To be honest, I've never met such an innocent and chirpy person in my career, who is not only strong on knowledge but also such a versatile person. Our volleyball team owes a lot to you for that huge trophy that adorns our unit. Every single day, we all await you to join us during lunch, just to rob the pakoda plate, you buy in canteen. And on those days you go to client site, we always talk about the missing pakoda more than you ofcourse :) Our team was the extended family which made office an home away from home.

Despite all this, why did you decide to leave us all? I don't know if anyone deserves to die. But I can put my life in front and claim that yours was definitely not one to be lost. Why did you travel today without helmet? Why did the ill-fated bus mow you down? Why didn't you fight bit harder while you were being taken to hospital? Having always seen you as the style icon that you always are, you were unrecognisable in hospital. How come even after such a major accident, there was hardly a scratch on you? For a moment thought you were sleeping. We were even tempted for a minute to wake you up. Almost looked like you had that crooked shy smile on your face. When they brought back you in tray after tray after post mortem, we were torn into a million more pieces. Who will console your sister with her new born hardly days old? who will console your dad and mom both of whom are sick? who will stand up to Senthil everyday and compete with him for sight adiching girls? who will ask me about Mrs.Tiruvannamalai everyday? who would give me tips on how should I bunk office and visit her? Who will steal our papads in lunch time? who will support RCB and get beaten by us CSK maniacs? Did you know I actually came to your place today to ask you about that certification exam you took? Did you know, no one from the gang had lunch today? Did you saw all of the gang, standing and weeping near you? Did you notice the huge crowd of your ex company colleagues watching you in stunned silence?

Its on days like this when faith on God gets badly beaten and shaken. I still couldn't believe that I wouldn't see you tomorrow in office. I really don't know what else to say. Thanks for dropping me home, dripping wet on pouring rain when I was stranded without transport. Thanks for all those fun times you made us all enjoy with your stories of the girls who ignored you. Thanks for being such an honest and wonderful friend to all of us. Thanks for your cheerful and confidence attitude. It really helped on gloomy days.

I am sure if there is a heaven, you would've already began your travel there. Not sure if I get to meet you again, but thanks for all those wonderful memories. Will miss you badly buddy :(

Tearfully yours,
One of your friend.


Ramesh said...

Very very sad.

RIP Ananth.

Vincy said...

this post brought tears and a very touching obituary indeed. my condolences to all of you. May the almighty give you all the strength to bear this loss.

The friend who touched so many lives, sure is in heaven now Gils.