Friday, October 03, 2014

Sentimental fools

Its not for nothing we are called sentimental fools. We get stirred emotionally for all the wrong things. One just need to learn how to coin a few words rhythmically correct and presto!! he has  a mad rush behind him in the form of followers. Be it a sadhu sanyaasi or a politician or any wannabe actor or even a sportsman with a decent form, every one has a fanatic group behind them. Success always is endowed with so many relatives while failures or orphans. But in these cases, even when their so called idol fails or is caught doing wrong, even then their die hard fans don't give up on them and continue to hold cudgels on their behalf. How can someone be so wrong and still command so much support?!! Its so obvious for any third party that their leader is so wrong. Yet for the die hard fanatics, their idol couldn't have been more wronged!! Their sentimental values obstruct judicial views and even when they themselves have been victims of the swindle, they conveniently ignore it and continue to root for their "mis"leaders. It puts the life of common men who don't associate themselves with either party at grave risk. It leaves no choice for the non-aligned and they are left much maligned. Unless people detach themselves emotionally and start to think rationally, this downward spiral to bottomless pit will only lead to hell hole with no escape.

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