Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why this Oravanjanai

Two "Indian" fishermen gets killed in Arabian sea, the central government flexes its diplomatic muscle and goes to the extent of detaining the ambassador from that country and even dares to defy the might of the European union. Inga Bay of Bengal la daily scores of "Indian" fishermen are getting shot at or arrested and even worse killed by a country not bigger than a medium size state in India and no one from the center even bothers to acknowledge it. Its almost as if they are destined to die. Strategic reasons apart, isn't it time the people up north showed some empathy to those down south. After all we are all still part of the same country, right??  One can't help but wonder the bipartisan attitude. If Pakis send terrorists across border, there is unanimous condemnation, banning cricket relations and entire country erupts. But what the Lankan government is doing to TN fishermen is nothing short of terrorism. And rather than showing support, the other franchises in IPL are debating about moving the venue from Chennai for their matches involving Lankan players. I am not even going into their war crimes and all. If we are all part of the Indian union, I guess its bare minimal requirement of the government to take care of its people. If not, no point in calling ourselves part of a non existing union.

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