Sunday, March 24, 2013

Liesbster award post

Rombbbbbaaaa naalikaprum oru award :) from one up and coming  vakeelamma

Naaama thaan poiyee solla maatomay (!!) aprum ethuku best liar nu oru award tharaangannu paatha,
Liebsterna vera arthamaamla!! Sollavayla..!! Evlo thaan naan FBla nakkal pannalum...enakum oru award kuduthamaikaaga vakeelammaku special thanks :)

Per the rules I should give away this Liesbster award to 11 fellow bloggers as an appreciation for their soulful writing. So the rules for this chain mail are:
a) Post 11 things about yourself
b) Answer 11 questions from the nominator
c) Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post 
d) Set 11 questions for them
e) Inform the nominees by commenting on one of their post.

Enna pathi random 11 points...oray shy shya me skipping this (ada evlo thadava ithey pointsa sollarathu..ella taglayum same thing asking)

 And the 11 questions by teacheramma

1. Have you seen the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Don’t you think whatever the character Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) did to both the heroines (Kajol, Rani Mukerkji) was the most selfish thing to do? (Let’s just talk about the movie only and not the personal life of the actors ;) ) Your thoughts please!

Ithallavo kelvi...ithallavo kostin..intha kostina thanjaavoor kalvettula sethukki vaikkapada vendia kostin...SRKa evan paathaan!!! laddu mathiri rani...rasagulla mathiri kajol...padathula SRK irunthathay poster paathu thaan theriyum :D

2. What’s your take on human rights for rapist?

Humanskaaga thaana human ithula ivanga epdi qualify aaguvaanga??!!

3. Women have gained freedom long back. But have they been granted that freedom in practice?

Practice panrathuku freedom enna vakeel doctor thozhila..ellam all reals thaan no trials

4. Do you believe in love at first sight? (Apart from your parents, yes, we all fell in love with them at our first sight, right? ;) )

Hmm...first sight adikaravangala love panna athaan love at first sighta?? clarification needed

5. Would you choose love or friendship when you’re put in such a complex situation?

I believe in Love followed by friendship...ulta case..hmmm...therila..don't think its for me :)

6. Describe love from your point of view. (Exclude the love for your parents, that’s always there, if not then shame on that person!!)

hmmm...most interesting and simple of all human emotions

7. Your most favourite food and the most hated food.

anything with Cabbage I the hate..anything with potato fav :) (intha kostin kekkarathukaga room poattu yosichiamma!!!)

8. Coffee (Just type what comes into your mind immediately. Please let it be for more than 5 words at least!)

Refreshing (ithu etho padathula vantha comedy mathiri irukkay)

9. How can we differentiate between love and other similar feelings like crush, infatuation, and addiction?

Success aana love..agalaina antha moonula entha option venumnaalum select pannikalam :D

10. If you’re made the Prime Minister of India for one month what are the changes that you will bring for the country?

Ippo thaan pakkam pakkama rendu post poten itha pathi :D

11. Your favourite song :)

Kal ho Na ho :)

Naan yaara korthu vidrathu..hmmm...same kostins..anybuddy interested..feel free to do the tag :)


Sivaranjini Balasubramanian said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Gils I laughed like anything reading your answers!! :D :D

Super dooper answers yaellamaee :)

thank you so much for answering those questions :)

Ramesh said...

Oye Gilsu - you the recipient of many awards. Latest being Mudhal Amaichar Gilsu :):)

Please add question no 12 - what are you wearing :)

Avada Kedavra said...

everything is in Tamil :P didnt understand Gilsu

gils said...


lol :D tee shirt n jean

:D:D u better start learning :)