Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mission 2025

The cleanup brigade has a lot on its plate. First and foremost there would be an army of them. Just like the army they would be grouped into brigades and platoons and would've commanders and foot soldiers. They would form the backbone of the administration. They would be rated and treated on the same lines of army personnel and would be punished with equal severity if found slacking. They would support the demolition squad in all their duty. They are bound to work by service level agreement and are expected to clean up the demo squad act to the minutest detail. Many a times I've seen newer government buildings shine in all its neatness and glory when they are inaugurated by dignitaries. But within weeks they get recoated with paan spit and garbage. Take for example our MRTS railway stations. Some where so neat and nice when started that even movies were picturised there. But nowadays they wear a desolate and dirty look. The cleanup brigade needs to be on their toes, literally, and has to diligently do their work. Initially every half hour they need to check the campuses and clean and once people begin to learn and desist from spitting and littering (ofcourse with the kind of punishments I've on mind for those who do so, I am sure they would resist themselves) eventually the frequency would be brought down.

The most critical task of the cleanup brigade, as mentioned before, would be to support the demo squad. They would be the eyes and ears for the demo squad. They would be supported with state of the machinery for cleaning and there would be a dedicated mechanical division for helping them with machines and breakdowns and spares. The cleanup brigade would own all the roads and highways and lanes and streets and would be responsible for the maintanence and cleanliness of them. Any pothole or speck of dust would be treated with ruthless admonishment and the team responsible for that area would be punished severely. The punishment for individuals and corporations responsible for the act would be treated equivalent to treason and would be dealt with same level of contempt. Begging would be banned and any person found involved in begging or encouraging would be arrested on the spot. Rehabilitation department would be made even more stronger and with the complex role of cleanup squad and demo squad , rehabilitation would need to be more proactive and aggressive on their act.

Next equally critical task would be to clean up the city walls and compound. Banners, posters, cut outs and graffiti of any form would be banned and any person indulging in doing so would be arrested without bail. Ministers would be prohibited from conducting meetings on public roads and all such meetings would be restricted to auditoriums and halls. Every school kid passing higher secondary would be sent for military training. Mandatory army drafting for kids over 17 would remove a major chunk of youth from the roads. Kita thatta Thuglaq darbar mathiri irukalam. But it would discipline them, hopefully and we would have an army of trained youth ready for any eventuality. For those who fail the physical fitness there would be home guard or national service duty of some kind enforced strictly and there would be no exceptions. Without the clearance certificate of those two years, the results of which would be made available on a public portal, which anyone can track and verify, they wouldn't be employed anywhere - private or public. There would be a stipend amount paid for those from economically weaker. Basic civil law and rights would be made a mandatory course on all curriculum and everyone has to clear the exam. Anyone failing to do so will be retained on the same class and wouldn't be considered for any job opportunity. Driving exams would be made so difficult that anyone who clears them would be qualified to drive even on Mars. Road rages would be treated on par with homicide and equally punishable offence.

Any person earning more than a specific amount would need to compulsorily invest in govt run businesses. Or make a sizeable donation to the relief funds apart from their taxes. No minister of state would be allowed a vehicle of his own. There will be a shared pool of vehicles reserved for government purpose and for each mile travelled they had to shell out money of their own for maintenance. All kinds of protests and protestors are encouraged to show their strength off the city limits. Any disturbance to public property would be dealt with sternly and the event would be treated as criminal offence. Elections in college would be deemed illegal and any student body protesting the same would be disbanded and criminal action would be taken against those who resist. Uniform school fee would be levied across the state and facilities and syllabus would also be govt proposed. Any institute that fails to meet the norms would be disqualified.

I think ithelaam panna atleast oru 12 yearsaachum thevai...athan 2025 :) but if possible namma APJ sir sonna mathiri oru  years munnalaye mudikka pappom :D so...vote for dictatorship :D ok?


Ramesh said...

Gilsu - Katchchi peyar enna ??

Dravida Dictatorship Katchchi ya ? :)

Engal Votu Gilsukke :)

Avada Kedavra said...

what?! didnt get you :(

gils said...

lol..Thala..katchi peru Generally Inclusive Legal System..Gils num sollikalam :D

gils said...

its a 2 post series outburst on the changes I want to bring in :D