Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dictator gils

Mudhalvan was a movie that inspired the hell out of me to say the least. Like those that they give on Schools, like what will you do if you become president or CM kind of essays, kudos to Shankar-Sujatha combo for coming up with a movie on a theme so fantastically creative. Apdi thappi thavari gils CM aana enna aagum TN...oru vibareetha idea thaan ...irunthaalum...oru list ready panni vachipomay :D

First agenda would be to hire at least a million resources..either voluntarily or forcefully or those who had registered with employment exchange. They will be split into two group will be called the demolition squad..second would be the cleanup gang. Both would be under direct control of Gils. First groupoda velai is to, as the name itself says, demolish. To me the root cause of all bribery is encroachment. And by encroachment I don't just mean those hectares and acres of govt land "swaha" pannufied by arasiyalvaathis. It starts right from my doorstep, literally. Our house owner has made a sloping portion to move his bike into the house. That juts right onto the road. Likewise, there are so many people who had made illegal extensions of their houses to move their vehicles in and out. And slowly it becomes part of their house and with extended sunshades and stalls they eat up half the roads. If you stand at one end of any residential lane in my place, you will never ever see a straight line of a road. It is always like a stream of water waxing and waning all along. Its such a sickening sight to see people so blatantly misusing and abusing public property. Whenever we read of encroachments, we always think of sudden temples and mosques and churches that spring up out of nowhere. We think of bigwigs and their immense real estate. We never realise the mistakes that start right from our house. To protect the few centimetres of ill-gotten property they resort to bribing and their starts the decay of the system. So, the mission statement of the demolition squad would be to destroy, without any paarapatcham, any construction that has extended into public space.

Second task of the demo squad would be to recover foot paths. Not a single store in mylapore will survive them if this comes into effect. Every paathira kadai to travels to emporiums to book shops to sweet stalls to restaurants, each and everyone of them have occupied so much square footage that, they wouldn't just be recovered but would also be levied a penalty rent amount for all the years of abuse. They don't just occupy these spaces but if any pedestrian tries to walk on whatever is left of the foot path, they chase them away as if its a private place. All hawkers, irrespective of their economic situation will be removed. There will be a separate sector created for them or whatever is there already in place will be used and anyone found violating would be arrested without bail.

Third task would be to clear the waterways of the slums. Civilization has moved a long way from river valley dependent times and rather than surviving in all those filth around them, they don't just pollute the environment but also their own lives. All the waterways will be cleaned with utmost priority and would be declared military protectorates. Any violators, be it factories dumping garbage or apartments turning in their sewage, would be shot dead. Period.

Fourth and somewhat difficult task for the demo squad would be schools, colleges, shops and other major establishments involving scores of people. Any of these institution that doesn't satisfy fire safety norms would be destroyed without hesitation. It might cause harm to the education of the kids, but their life is worth more than a namesake degree I guess. Same goes for the workers. Rehabilitation and replacement will be provided but not for all and sundry. The perpetrators will be made to suffer the consequences. Their ration cards, passports and all other government issued ID's will be seized from them and their nationality would be cancelled. They would be declared stateless. Their properties would be taken over by the government.

Ithellam demolition squadkaana velai. Appo seconda sonna cleanup gang enna pannum..athu adutha partla :) Heil gils nu sound kekkutha? :D:D


Asha said...

Hail Gils! CM aiyya kettichingala?

Hail India's version of LEE KWAN Yew. avaru singapore matthitaru namba gils mathamattara?

appdiya oru autographngaiyya:)

Ramesh said...

Mudhal Amaichar Gilsu vaazhga vaazhga. Kalaignar, Purathic Thalaivi .... inta seriesla Gilsu enna ???

Of course, every one of us is a culprit - we bribe and violate laws shamelessly and then curse the politicians.