Thursday, March 21, 2013

Travel travails

I am all for rules and all for breaking the rules at the same time. Those which makes sense to the general majority need not necessarily always be right and that shouldn't be the qualification criteria for a rule. For example dress code. Being presentable and being comfortable is fine. Adhering to something which is either of them is not. Ditto for the "chalta hai" attitude of the vast majority, including me. Take public transport for example, If a bus breaks down, if the seat on a bus is cramped, if the bus doesn't arrive on time, if the bus doesn't stop at the designated "bus stop" area, if the conductor/driver is rude, if they treat passengers as cattle, if they don't give proper change, if the bus leaks during rain, if the seats are damaged and above all if any gal gets squashed molested in a bus ...everything goes. No one bates an eyelid to these things. While 50 rupee ticket A/c bus is cleaned regularly and seats are almost neat and well maintained (though the a/c control knobs are mostly broken) and even has a supervisor nowadays to get feedback from "elite" customers on service improvement, why not for the other category buses. Why no one questions these things? How come a transport corporation with almost 75% share of the commuting traffic runs in losses? Why does a breakdown bus doesn't lead to punishment for the mechanic responsible for maintaining it? When a flight runs late passengers are paid a min. sum for food expenses..why not for bus commuters? When Ashok Leyland and Tata motors delivers the bus, why doesn't people check for each and every seat in the bus. Almost half the seats are unusable and lesser said about those automatic doors the better. They are bound to cause more hardships to passengers than the previous dabba versions. Buses are the lifelines to many a moffusil area where trains dont ply and for all those school kids who cling on to their dear life for the sake of education. I do seriously hope the transport ministry takes some actions on this before its too late.


Vincy said...

After all the comfort of the public transport system in the US, the system here hits you badly right.

Even the super animated Gils will become silent ( get used to, i mean) to our system after a couple of months.

All of us here in India, and i include myself, have no time to set things straight. We only speak about it in forums, which do not bring out solutions and leave it at that. dont we. I definitely plead guilty on that count.

Vidya said...

I like this post, Vidhya! And you are right, people discriminate for the smallest things in India. I don't know if it is the remnant effect of caste system in India or if it is just too many people in a small piece of land or if the business of busy living is just enough for people to endure and they don't want to do anything else in addition!

What do you think?

Thamizhmaangani said...

maybe you try 'chinarasu bus company' from suryavasam?

Jokes apart, it's frustrating to see things not right!!:((

Ramesh said...

I thought Gilsu travels these days only in his Merc which he brought back from the US :):)

gils said...


true..i wish there is a forum where I can complain :)


true..ella pointumay true

gils said...


lol :D aarambichida vendi thaan


lol :D :D