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Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) - 8

Ram,Anil and Priya chatting in a coffee shop.

"So you're REALLY serious about this time ?" asked Priya
"Not serious but veering around to it....I must be the first guy who said YES on grounds of sheer boredom" said Anil.
"Naasamaa poachu..bore adikuthunu ponnu paaka povangala!! enna koduma ithu" said Ram.
"seri..Anil evlo readya irukkanu oru test vachu paakalamaa?" asked Priya
"Q&A ?? you gotta be kidding !!" said Anil
"Take it like a game..."
"Priya..avan ponnu paaka porathaiye velayatta thaan eduthukaran..ithulaam onumay ila avanuku"

Scene 1 Take 1

Priya posing as prospective bride: pannirukkia?
Anil: Yeah..once...
Priya (shocking tone): Ipdia reply pannuva?????
Anil: Complete honesty is the foundation of every relationship.
(A long silence from Priya with Ram laughing in background)

Scene 1 Take 2

Priya posing as prospective bride: pannirukkia?
Anil: HAHAHAHAHAHA.. What about you ?
Priya (even more shocking tone): Ivlo sathama sirikara alavuku apdi enna joke solliten ? And couldn't you think of anything worse to say??..Use your brains for once atleast.
Anil: Ram..overa sirichitrukalla..intha situationla neeya irunthiruntha enna solluva..paapom

Scene 1 Take 3

Priya posing as prospective bride: So..ever been in love ?
Ram: Of course..the usual...Trisha..Jo..Simranlenthu..Deepika..Anushka..Anjalinu paarapatchamay paakarathilla..
Priya (pleased tone): Nice one. Ipdithaan sense of humoura casuala display pananum..aana ivlo movie stars per sonna cinema paithiyamnu nenachuka pora
Anil: Hullooooooo... cinema paakama yaar iruka poranga
Priya: Cinemaa mattumay paakra mathiri kaatikatha solren..maramandai

Scene 2 Take 1

Priya posing as prospective bride: Any hobbies ?
Anil: (face lighting up at once) Movies and Books
Priya: (yaaaawn)
Anil: ??
Priya: 98% makkal solra answer ithaan..boring options
Anil: Appo philately and Steganography okva?

Scene 2 Take 2

Priya posing as prospective bride: What are your hobbies ?
Ram: Oooh.. default question.. Books fascinate me - fictiono non fictiono ..contemporaryo classicso... Forsyth, Dickens, Wodehouse...infact un namea paperla print adichi kudutha kooda padippen...avlo pudikkum. Movies are my way of life - weekend aana i cudnt resist a movie outing. ..I've a confession to
make..romantic comedies are my favorites (he added with a shy smile)
Priya: Super. hey..nee sonna elaarum ennoda favorite authors..And ennathaan ponnunga macho rough and tough pasangala prefer panrennu solitrunthaalum ...thannoda secretsa share pannra paiyan is always irresistable. Bulls eye.
Anil: Hello...enna test edukaren sollitu inga enna thani kathai oduthu
Priya: (hurriedly trying to change the topic) question..

Scene 3 Take 1

Priya posing as prospective bride: unnoda life partner kitenthu nee enna expect panra?
Anil: Raam..ithuku nee enna badil solluva?
Ram: Friend, philosopher and guide.
Priya: (Stunned)..woooaahh..
Anil: hehee..ipdilaam mokka badil sonnathaan nallaruku solluva..athaan..
Ram: Hmm...kaala kodumai

Scene 4 Take 1

Priya posing as prospective bride: kalyaanthuku aprum naan velaiku poganuma?
Anil: enkitta en kekkara? ohh...ok ok...hmm..ivlo padichiruka..en vettia veetla ukkaanthikittu irukanum...velaikku pogalam
Priya: Oversell.

Scene 4 Take 2

Priya posing as prospective bride: kalyaanthuku aprum naan velaiku poganuma?
Anil: kandippa..ivlo chinnnnnaa vayasula evlo growth in should definitely not waste it..
Priya: Sounds like you need her money.
Anil: Damn you..Raam
Ram: hmmm..enna kaetta..i would say..its a personal choice..but still..konja naaliku velai continue pannitu apruma best case ennanau decide panikalaamnu thonuthu
Priya: super..
Anil: enna nadakuthu inga..enna vachu kaamedi keemadi panreengala rendu perum
Priya: dei..unaku kalyaanam nadakanuma venama?

Scene 5 take 1

Priya posing as prospective bride: Do you want to settle abroad ?
Ram: No
Priya: Again blunt answer
Ram: Sorry aana..ithula no if-but.
Priya: I like it..semma sure response
Anil: Naan varala intha velayaatuku

Scene 6 Take 1

Priya posing as prospective bride: En kitta ethachum kekanuma?
Anil: ithu yaara kekkara...ennaya Rama?
Priya: mokka..unkitta thaan kekaren
Anil: No
Priya: Not an option...Ithulenthu nee escape aaga mudiathu... You gotta ask something ilaati ponnu pudikalanu nee nenachukara mathiri aaidum

Scene 6 Take 2

Priya posing as prospective bride: Do you have any questions to ask of me ?
Anil: Raam..ithukum neeye answer sollidu..epdiyum naan enna sonalum saria ilanu thaan solla pora Priya
Priya: Raam..ivan overa vekka padraan..nee sollu....
Raam: Firstu antha ponnu roomla ethachum poster painting irukaaanu paathu athulenthu topic aarambikanum..neenga ivlo peria drawera avlo peria painteranu oru bitta potomna surea impress aiduvanga..aprum unga appa nalla pesaraaru..semma supera irukaarunu innoru bitta potenna kandipa flat aaidum entha ponnum..avanga elarukumay avanga appa thaana first hero...
Priya (Clapping): kalakitta
Anil: Anubavam pesuthu..evlo ponnu paathirupaan..
Ram and Priya(chorus): Shut up

Scene 7 Take 1

Priya posing as prospective bride: you plan to marry me?
Anil and Ram (in unison): WHAAT!!!!
Priya: Enpa ivlo shock? Antha ponnu ipdi kaetta enna solluvanu ketaen..amma kitta kettu thaan soluvengalo? hahhaa
Anil and Ram (indignant): No
Priya: ooh...appo pudikalaia?
Anil: No..dai..ennada ivlo peria No. That question was for me..apdi thaana Priya?
Priya:aahh....hmm..aamam..unakkaga thaan intha interview sessionay oduthu..sollu
Anil: adikadi itha nenavu padutha vendiruku..Raam..ithuku un badil ennava irukumnu naan sollatta?
Ram: Time aaguthu..seri...intha velayaatu porum..kelambalaam
Anil: Paarrra...padhunguraan paaru...aana onnu mattum uruthi Priya...unna mathiri oru ponnu iruntha..ava vaazhkkai poora avvaiyaaravay iruka vendi thaan..
Priya: hahaha...chill chill...naan ethirpaarthatha vida nee evlovo bettera perform panna..confidenta poitu vaa
Anil: enakenna bayam
Ram: aprumenda..kai ipdi udharuthu
Anil: Athuva..AC la romba nerama ukkanthitrukomla..athaan...

"Ok makkalay...timey paakama to go..hey Anil..poitu sothapidatha..enna aachunu msg pannu..Ram...naan unaku apruma ping panren...bye ..bye..bye" Priya rushed out.

"Dei..intha interview yaarukagada?..endaa unga thayir saathathuku naan thaan oorugaaya"
Ram smiled and kept quiet.

~ thodarum


Asha said…
appada..... anubavam eppidi bayangrama dialogue pesurdu.... engulukkum enna acchunu msg pannunga unga blogla.... anyways it is clear you will kavuthify with your sense of humour.
Ramesh said…
Scene 8 ,9 ,10. etc etc from the US please ....

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