Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tricklin thoughts

Ever since the trip got finalised, mind has been playing lot of tricks on me and has been working more than over time to throw up ever so many list of questions. There is always this person inside who is cribbing and questioning and crying foul over everything in life and the other silent one who rarely speaks up when required and is never absent for the "i-told-you-so" moments. Off late the latter guy is talking more and more..trying to justify decisions taken on the fly. Throughout my life, i had never planned for anything and had taken things as they come for one, nothing works if planned for me and secondly, i always like the spontaneity that life offers. Good or bad, we have our life time to figure out.

Memory is a wicked thing. Like a naughty child who suddenly pulls a prank on you, more often than not, memory too acts like that, hitting you with a wave so hard and unexpected that it catches you off balance. The trigger point for which could be anywhere and anything. Its been a long long while since i started reading FUTURE SHOCK (a book that i am not shy to say i still havent completed reading, for i like it so much that, i dont want it to end). There is a wonderful section in that book, which talks of migratory sense in people. It describes in detail about people who never hesitates to make a move and how it helps not just them but also the society in general to grow. Imagine you in such a situation wherein you have to shift your house. Evlo changes!! Right from address proof to ID proof to getting new gas connection..telephone..cable tv..every single  touch point in your life undergoes a change. Officela veetla ella edathulayum evlo updates tharanum. Infact owning a permanent place of residence would be a forced dream for many who dread the thought of moving their house. Saying all this, this is not the ONLY talking point of that book. It talks about change and accepting change as a whole and this migratory exercise is just a point of mention.

Happened to stumble upon few post by friends mine who had been 'almost' settled in US now (for want of a better term to describe people living there since their under grad days :D ) The content, the expressions, the way in which it was articulated, would have put any native American proud. Avlo oori poitu oru post. An article on Goldman Sachs guy quitting his post in pakka American lingo. They have gelled so well into their chosen land and have accepted their way of life so much that it was reflecting in their language and content. I could see the successful example for the kind of people mentioned in "Future Shock" on them. I look up to these guys who have managed to survive and hold on to their own in a much more tricky and risky environments and at much more unstable times.

I often compare my life to that proverbial ant on flowing river afloat on a leaf. Except that at times to make the journey interesting i jump off the leaf in search of another one to hop on to and many a times life pushes me off my comfy leaf  even though i dont want to leave it :) I have called for a truce between the two conflicting personalities in me to join hands for once, to help me come through this change. Hoping for the best :) Catch you guys soon..


G3 said...

Thunivae thunai boss :)))

All the best for ur new journey :) Hope the ant gets a bay leaf with all varieties of food.. instead of any ordinary leaf :P

Ramesh said...

Amen to G3's quote.

Best wishes to wherever in the world you are going. There is one fixed thing in a changing world - wherever you are, Vijay, Asin, et all will come :)

gils said...

bayam makes me uneasy and queasy for a whole lot of reasons i cannot fathom

Asha said...

Innum kelambaliya?

Uneasy, queasy feelings generally everybody feels when a change occurs. we live in a global village today, you get and meet people and can easily blend today as long as you don't have reservations.

so kalyana saapadu for us in the USaaaaaaa? Best wishes for a rocking future.

Appu said...

Future shock is one hell of a book
He definitely deserves the name visionary when you think when he has written the book and the changes that have occured today

Venkat said...

so gills getting ready for a change, wherever you go your humor will drive all set of people around you. so things will ease when you land at your new place. enjoy the change & wishes for new heights.

Aarti said...

Phew... enna oru long post!

have a safe journey and a wonderful time in US..rhomba paduthatheenga anga irukaravangala... avanga ellarum inga odi vanduda poranga!! :)