Thursday, March 01, 2012


This week on 'Weekend Movie Watch'..its Ambuli - the latest tamil 3D movie. Latest is hardly a word to describe the movie. Technically, its been the best ever 3D movie i've ever seen. Much much better than many Hollywood productions. Felt so nice to see such a new genre being tried in tamil and touch should succeed. Horror cum Thriller variety are a rarity in tamil and them becoming hits are even rare occurances. I dont remember the last successful horror/thriller movie in tamil. "Eeram" might have fitted the bill. But it was more of a murder mystery than horror. This is where Ambuli scores in abundance over its peers.

The very first scene in the movie, where a White man is seen wiping his double barrel gun, with the gun popping just in front of your eye lids..WOW. It was more of a wake up call for what was to follow. There was another scene in which a growling German Sheperd pounces on the screen and i was literally shaking for second. Dogs and me ..uhumm...never tally even on screen!!! The story, even if the entire screenplay comes out in print form, would be a huge hit for sure. It has all the ingredients of a good thriller in it with the suspense element being dragged till the climax without sounding boring. Only sore part of the movie being the songs and over dose of 80's romance!! Sathiayama mudiala. Kudos to the technical team. They've done a brilliant job. Music though boring visually, wasnt that bad to lisen and the BGM was adequately scary too. Lead pair are a couple of new comers and at times, makes one wonder whether its a mega serial or movie. The movie promises a sequel and word is out that the preparations are already underway. Eagerly waiting for it and hope they live up to the expectation.

This time, the movie watch group comprised of the celebrity thinker cum famous author of "Aadham Kaditha Micham - about Steve Jobs" Mr.Zeno and my regular partner in crime rt :) After the movie, the overdose of 3d almost left me with onrai kann. Orientation was imbalanced and we trooped into the nearest Landmark outlet. Rt and Zeno got engaged in a conversation about book publishing while i hunted down Sujatha's Ganesh-Vasanth series. The conversation was so animated that i was curious to join. "Hey Zeno..why dont you check with Rt on book publishing"
"Atha pathi thaanpa pesitrukom..enga vitten?" continued Zeno. Within the first few secs i was into my 7th Std Physics class syndrome and my mind started playing games of its own. I saw a father and daughter walk in clothed all in yellow matching matching and started searching for similar looking colored pairs. Naanum ethana neram thaan puriara mathirye nadikarathu. Konja neram kazhichi Apple Kindle apdinu oru vaartha terinja topica kaathula vizhunthichi. Wondered out loud why Apple named such a seriously interesting product as Kindal!! Zeno gave me a 'rolled-eye' look and continued on the book publishing. My mind started humming "You are a rock star" from Shrek and the conversation moved on to the iPhone which Zeno had bought. Appavithanama athula Angry birds game irukaa keatathuku i am 100% sure rendu perum sernthu ithu urupadaatha peicenu decide panirupaanga :D En pangukku konjama polambittu pottiya kattinen. I would sorely miss these experiences :( atha nenacha thaan azhuvaachi azhuvaachiya varuthu :(


Anonymous said...

Aww Gils.. I know I will sorely miss you..

Sema post btw.. Now that u say it I can imagine u playing a song in ur head n getting bored with our convo.. But u were absolutely right when u said Zeno n I will get along well :-)


Appu said...

Boss, there is skype, gtalk, jaxtr and what not to be in touch. well nothing equals meeting in person. still...
There are theatres which will let you watch movie for 50 cents. ;) but u may have to spend more for the travel.
and also download speed is good. torrent vazhga ;)

Appu said...

For your kind information got angrybirds on my itouch ;)

Ramesh said...

Oh my God. Tamizhla 3D movie aaaa. Thaialaivare --- 3D movie na, Tamil heroines's ample waistlines and thunder thighs will get highlighted in all their glory :):) Eppadi pakkaruthu saar ??

When does the famous Gils charm on air hostesses going to be witnessed ?

Aarti said...

btw, Kindle is not by apple.. it is from Amazon.. *walks away shaking head... kadavule*

logic said...

Hi good one..been here after a longtime...
you were once following my posts ..its been 6 years now am back blogging

Please drop by when find time

gils said...

hehehe...u 2 reminds me of the quote.."..and the geeks shall inherit the earth" :D:D


echusme..antha oorla naan theaterlaam poi padam paapenaalam terila..aana enna vitutu neenga rendu perum padam poneenga...isd la saabam vitruven :D

gils said...


whisstlllleeeee..... :D:D


chacha..ithu nejamavay diparant movie..u shd watch

gils said...


heheh...spelling mishtake :D kandukkapdaathu :D


hey..thanks for dropping in..naan follow panitrunthena? wow..interesting..wl chk ur site for sure :)