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Konjum Salangai

"Amma..naan schooluku poren" shouted Priya rushing out of the house.

"Ding Dong..Ding Dong"
"Kaalangaathaala yaaru ithu calling bell adichikittu" nu pulambiavaaray came Anu, Priya's mother and opened the door.
"Vanakkam. Naanga "Anbu Illam" orphanagelenthu varom. Unga veetla school pasanga padikkara mathiri used books ethaachum iruntha donate panna mudiyuma. Enga kozhanthaigalukku usefulla irukum"
Anu looked back at her husband who was looking blankly into the newspaper.
"mmmm" said Anil.
She only got a sickening silence for response.

Priya came home back calling out loud  in her sing song voice..."Ammmmaaaaaaa....pasikuthu"

Anu was talking to her maid.."Aiya vantha coffee poattu kuduthuru..naan kovilukku kelambaren"
"Amma..." stood the maid, scratching her head
"onnu ketta thappa nenachukka maateengalay"
"Enna sambalam ethanuma? intha maasam thaana 50 rupees increase pannom"
"athu illama...vanthu...Priya kannu schoolla thaan en ponnum padikara. Avanga uniform ethaacchum pazhasu iruntha kudutheenganna"
Anu stood in silence.
"Thappa nenachukatheegamma..naan ketrukka koodathu..mannichukunga"
"Illa...iru..naaliku vaa tharen" said Anu turning back into the house.
"Ennama aachu..en kann kalangureenga.."
"Cha..athelaam ila...ithana naalaachu...inimay lense uruthuthu..athaan..normal glass poattuka poren"

Anil came home some time later and plonked himself onto the sofa.
"Haiyaa..jolly....Appa vanthaachu" Priya was jumping with joy..."Appa...vaappa...naama velaadalaam"

"Aiya..."disturbed the maid..
"..amma ungaluku coffee poattu flaskla vachirukennu solla sonaanga..koviluku poirukaanga..."
He was unmindful of what she was telling and was looking pointedly at the newspaper on the table.
"Naan kelambaren"

"Cha..intha veetla naan oruthi irukarathaiye ellarum maranthutaanga..." stomped off Priya in anger.

The newspaper, dated 5 years back, fluttered in the late evening breeze. On the front page carried news of that tragic accident.

"School kid killed in Hit and Run accident"


Aarti said…
:-) sweet... sad....
rs said…
:( :( :(
Ramesh said…
OH NO :(:(:(
Anonymous said…
It happened to a ukg girl called Ritika when she just got off school to reach her school van across the road along with the driver and other kids. A matador lost its control.... What the parents must have gone through..

God forbid such events
Asha said…
Heartwrenching story

It happened to a Ukg girl ritika. After school, she was crosssing the road to reach her school van along with the driver and other kids. A matodor lost its control.... What the parents must have gone through is beyond words

God forbid such events.
gils said…

??!!! sweet/sad aah?!! echuseme!!


y sogams?




avvvvvvvv...yaarumay itha pei kathiaya paakalaiya!! ellarum soga aspecta note panni pheelings aaiteenga nenakren. Meant it as pei kathai like 6th sense.
Asha said…
Pei kathaiya??!! ehcuseme, is the new land treating you well?

illati indha madiri urukkamana kathaiya daan unga new landla peikadhaiyo?

edho feelingoda kozhandaikooda appa amma gavinakada kuzhandai, elloram ignore panrannu odi poi vandi modhirichu nnna naangala konjam karpani panni....

Anyways .. idhu pei kadhainna....Rewrite again....

P.S: konjum salangai - nice title.
Asha said…
oh ho! purinjuduthu :)

Indha first line priya ellam past adhukkaprum vara incident present.

andha madiri 3 indicents....

ippo logicala connect panna mudiyardhu...

gils said…

kalakiteenga :D actualla Priya aavi..thaan aavingaratha maranthu antha mathiri pesitruku..if u note..athu kekara entha kelvikum parents kitenthu badil varaathu. First linelaye parunga. She wl say bye and leave..athuku adutha linelaye..calling bell press panra mathiri varum. Kathavu moodirukarapo velila epdi poirupa. and avangappa newspaper paathalay upset aaiduvaaru. 5 years munnadi vaangina news paper..same news stl haunting him..ipo relate aagutha inum? :) maybe videova irunthiruntha inum reach aagirukumo??!!
Asha said…
nalla relate ardhu... video ellam vendam. naan daan in between lines padichitten.

But whatever said, you rock in JOKK, i mean romantic stories. leave 6th sense to manoj shymalan. let him take care of pei kadhai.
gils said…
satishk said…
I liked this story, was not able to guess the ending... Keep up the good work... Love to see more posts like this....
gils said…
heyy :) thanks :)

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