Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thottathu thulangum..Vachathu velangum varusham

A continuous loosing streak - it has been the trend ever since this year started. It all began with the table tennis tournament. Athepdi thedi pudichi enakkunu maatuthu therila..i was paired against last year's winner on the very first round itself. The moment he saw me, his reaction was like a wolf slurping at the sight of lamb. He played with utmost leisure and literally walked through me. Seri..etho mudinja varaikum fight panna try pannomnu naanum vituten. Then it was the carrom tourney. First round, first strike. Hands were shaking as if there was an earthquake running inside me. Managed to clear it and in second round was one strike away from winning when my last coin, red and follow, both fell into the pocket along with the striker. And as per the rules the opponent won :( Onnu oru coinum vizhaathu ilaati mothama ipdi athanaiyum uzhuthaynu pheelingsoda came out.  Quizla innum kodumai. I mixed up Pandit Jasraj and Bhim sen joshi and lost in prelims. Toastmastersla had an division level table topics contest. Just like how crowds turning up for an election rally doesnt translate into votes, appreciation and applause didnt materialise into votes here too :( I was nominated to represent our account manager in a vertical level award contest. Needless to say lost the award for him again :(( Of all the things i lost, this one hurt the most. Finala, another award, for which our team had thought it was ours for the taking, for we had prepared such a strong case, we were beaten black and blue and didnt even turn up in the finalists list :((

When we were joking about these series of looses, my friend said "Eventually, everything goes away. We might be smarting on our losses right now. And after a while, we will all forget that it happened. The same will happen with those who won too".  Summa mokka podrathukaana clichevaa irunthaalum how true were those words. Foot steps are temporary resting place and not permanent camping spots. Unless we take the next step we would stay rooted in one place. Ipdilaam solli manasa thethikitu adutha rounduku try pannalum..wish the tide turns at some point. Would love to buck the trend sometime and turn up at the other end of the podium. Naanum ethana naaliku thaan valikaatha mathirye act udrathu. Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


Asha said...

evlo vaati edison thotharu oru bulb kandupidikka...kadaisila adu mattuma kandu pidacharu bulblerndu motion picture varaikkum evlo kandupidaccharu.

idhuvum kadandu pogum. Every loss will make you stronger. MAy be the toast master medai was small for you... kodak theatre or wembley must be waiting for you...i'll watchout for your post on this. Cheer up :)

gils said...

avvvvvvvvvv.....chandramukila rajini vadivelu paaathu solra oru dialog nyabgam varuthu :D aanaalum..thank u for ur kind words :) ithukaavachum ethachum try pannanumnu thonuthu :)

Ramesh said...

But you've already won many times Gilsu. "Blog thilagam Gilsu vaazhga" is being heard in the blogosphere louldly every day.

Venkat said...

தோல்வியை நினைத்து உருகுவதை விட, வெற்றி தரப்போகும் ருசியை நினைத்து மகிழ்வது உற்சாகம் தரும், தத்துவத்தை எல்லாம் மூட்டை கட்டி வச்சிட்டு புரபடுங்கள் அடுத்த போர்களத்துக்கு sorry tournament- க்கு