Saturday, July 09, 2011

Success and aftermath

"Hey..congrats..heard that you got promoted"
"Wow..that was an awesome appreciation mail..way to go buddy"
"Good show man..mightily impressed"

All three situations usually receives the same response - either a blush (in case of really young people) or a self deprecating mumble (in case of middle aged). Whatever the case may be..people often find it difficult to react to situations of genuine appreciation. The more morbid the scenario, better i've seen people adapt and react. But praise is one sure as hell slippery slope which tricks many a master. In general our mind are well tuned to react to adverse situations and majority of the books and mentors teach us how to face adversity. But there are not many around who teaches us, how to accept success gracefully. Infact, problems bring with them sympathy as company but success always is accompanied with scrutiny. The bigger the success, bigger the scrutiny. Many a times people sothapify the post success scenario. If overdone, its pompous, if underplayed, you dont know how to market yourself. While nothing satisfies like succeeding..nothing spoils like success too. Last few weeks, had a chance to witness, three different reactions to three similar situations and was wondering how much the incident had changed the personality of all the three people involved. If only people could handle those two impostors, triumph and disaster, better.....


Ramesh said...

Very philosophical post Gils. Very true - people are often embarassed by praise and react uncomfortably. But underplaying success is not a bad thing - when merit shines, you really don't need to market yourself.

Asha said...

Hey congrats! Promotiona? eppo treat?

Hehehee...Even I can't handle compliments and am sensitive to negative comments.

Venkat.. said...

நிலை உயரும் போது பணிவு கொண்டாள் உலகம் உன்னை வணங்கும்.
நான் சொல்லலீங்க, கண்ணதாசன் சொன்னது.
ஐயையோ! :( கனதசனா?.. வாலியா?.. கரெக்டா தெரியலையே......:)

(உங்க philosophy 100% ஒப்புகொள்ள வேண்டியது, எத்தனை பேர்லா இப்படி சிந்திக்க முடியும்)

kanagu said...

Philosophy.... philosophy... :) :) Nice post anna :)

Aarti said...

Seri what the you telling through this post??? You got promoted??? If yes, congrats and when treat.. If it is a general post, then, I had put a post recently abt sme of my quirks where I'd mentioned not knowing how go accept compliments :-))

chennaigirl said...

Template maathiteengalo, ennado gils blog thaane vanthomnu oru chinna doubt vanthiduthu!!!!!!!
Promotion ist? - Congrats. If not all the best :)
The best way is to show ur million dollar smile illaya ;P

Ravi said...

If ur are promoted congrats..

Infact i am reading this article after my first success in my new office..

Venkat.. said...

Neenga blog pakkam romba nalla yeti pakathatha paatha promotion ungaluku thanu confirm ayiduchu. so, many congrats. party ellam keka matoom payapudatheenga, blog pakkam konjam yetti parunga thala.

Venkat.. said...

Hey gills, i happened to read one of your hidden post "title unknown" very nice story. my suggestion for title "Ram Ram Effect"

See here u have a fan following ur posts even before it get published.

Me said...

Hmm..very true! I'd think that the best way that works for me is to just say "Thank you. I appreciate that" and take in the compliment. After that moment, there is no point resting on your laurels. It is time to move on to the next struggle / accomplishment!


gils said...

hmm...appo self appraisalnu onnu ethuku? :)

ada..enakelam promotiona!! nalla vela en damager itha padikala :D

kannadasan thaan :)

gils said...




athey athey...accepting compliments is romba kushtamappa :)

gils said...


ada..u r backaa.. :) soober :) kareeta ur way out :D


hey congrats to u too :)


avvv...itha than sontha selvula sooniyam solrathu..mega mokkaiyaoru post ready :D

gils said...

@venkat: sec gapla padichiteengala :)


doing it with flair...atha thaan kushtamngaren :)