A second, a minute and some more time...

A: "Hey can you come here for a minute"
B: "Give me a second"

Irrespective of their geographical location..any place can be requested to be reached in a minute or in a second..depending on the urgency. Do people actually mean or realise the time they request like this?? Not a single instance can be quoted where the work would actually get over in a minute leave alone a sec. But still..people world over use these phrases. Wonder what do they actually want to convey, when someone asks us to spare a minute or sec. Obvious thing is they want our immediate attention and to grab attention they quote these improbably short time period to fool the other person? I tried to avoid this "one sec one min" conversation for a week by consciously quoting a more approximate time. In one such instance i told the person that i would need half hour of his time for a discussion. He flatly refused :) I called him again after a while and requested 2 minutes of his time. The meeting went for an hour without a complaint!!! My team mate was late for a shift one day and when i called him up he said he was on the way to office and would reach in two minutes. Even maggi takes more time to prepare. To reach our main building from entrance itself will take 15 minutes and that guy when he called was like 7 to 8 kms from office. Either he had a portkey like Harry Potter or it was more like "you know how much time it would take to travel that much distance in peak hour traffic..so why ask me for time" attitude. Same thing happens with our estimates too i guess :D God save the clients :D :D


Asha said…
idhu kandippa megamokkai daan, sandegamay illai.

Ivlo yaravodu yosippala? pathu apprum... einstein apple vizhundu edho kandupidicharay andha madhiri kandupudichudapoorenga, I'll better take your autograph.

Btw my son asked amma 'Variety...'la chillar party and zindagi na ... voda review vanduda? He has seen me reading kungfu on your blog.
Asha said…
sorry... sorry... replace einstein to newton in the previous comment.
gils said…
ROTFL on einstein :D :D thot it was an interesting spoof quote :) chillar party and ZNMDB naaliku thaan dvd huntingku ponum. So possibly next week :) antha kungfu panda review padichuma intha olagam innum nambuthu!!! :D
RS said…
Gils, orey oru nimisham, just give me a minute, I will be back and comment on this post :D

PS: That's how time-conscious we are:D :D
Ramesh said…
OK OK. Please give me 78432 hours of pleasure of reading the blog of Swami Gilsananda :)
Venkat.. said…
Indians and time conscious will never coordinate, thats in our blood. i find Europeans always tries to be genuine in what they say and says only what they can honour. one good quality from western side to learn.
Aarti said…
I guess we humans have this tendency to flatter ourselves.. we think we are all superhumans who can zip zap zoomm anywhere in less than a few mins :D

what to do... we are like this vonly :D
RamMmm said…
I don't use 'Give me a sec'. 'Give me a min' is when I am looking for something and I can get back quickly. 'Give me some time' is the usual one. But then, you cannot take them always at face value, because they are to be taken as figures of speech and not as is. Just take it as a request for time. Go easy. Why tension?
gils said…

time coscious pathilaam naan pesavay maaten :D :D avlo punctualaakum naan :D


gils said…

mothama indians mosamnu sollida maaten..still we can be more better nu thaan thonuthu


hehhehee..ejjatlee..aana sila per adutha naal showku munthina naalay poidraangalay..avlo punctualaana aalungala enna solrathu :D :D
gils said…

10sunlaam illa..just voicing my thot :d

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